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Golf clubs are a good gift for you to give to your friend.

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Q: What is the good gift to give my freind?
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But you want to give a gift?

I think good gift to give is a gift card that way the person can get what they want

What is a good gift for an exgirlfriend on her birthday?

give her your love and a big gift give her your love and a big gift

What is a good last minute gift to give your grandpa?

An idea of a good gift to give at the last minute is a quick pair of socks.

What is a good gift to give to a friend?

Give your time to your friend

What is a good gift for a coach?

give him a Visa gift card or a gift card to his favorite place to eat

Why are cellphones dangerous?

and it can give you cancer my best freind almost died because of the cellphone but the good thing is he does not have cancer i tolled my girl freind to stop using it to much she did not rilly belive me but still

What is a best gift to give a friend on their birthday?

a good gift is be the closest friend she/he has ever had

What is a good gift for Christmas to give to my 16 year old sister?

Gift Cards

What is a good gift verses a bad gift?

A good gift is a gift that someone loves. If you give a gift to someone and he/she appreciates it, then it is a good gift. Good gifts are also gifts that give meaning in a nice way. Bad gifts give rude meanings. Bad gifts surprise people and people seem irritated and feel uneasy with a bad gift. Gifts are given to be good gifts. Bad gifts are simply thrown away and never kept as part of people's lives.

What are good gift ideas for a bar mitzvah?

You can give them cash which is a good gift or gift certificates would also be appropriate. A watch, bracelets or necklace would also be great as a gift.

What gift is good to give a husband for 29 years of marriage?

The best gift for wedding is flowers and gift, cakes on

What does santa give to the good girls and boys?


Can you use a link cable for mystery gift?

yes you can but you need a freind with a connectable game to do it

What is a good gift for someone to give their doctor?

A good gift for someone to give their doctor would be a card, a fruit basket, flowers, a gift card to a book store, a coffee cup with little packets of hot chocolate inside.

What are some good gift ideas for a female boss?

Good gift ideas for a female boss are gift cards to restaurants or gas stations. If they like coffee, you can give them a gift card to a coffee shop.

What is a good gift for a 27 year old boy?

A good gift depends on his preferences and hobbies. Most people buy gift cards or give cash when unsure of what to buy.

Is a watch a good valentine gift for a women?

Yes a watch is a very nice gift to give a woman.

Are there good will gift cards?

No there is not a gift card available for goodwill, but you can give cash in the persons card for goodwill.

You have already unlocked the Mystery what are you supposed to do now?

When you and your freind are going to link go to mystery gift and there you have it.

What is a good Christmas gift to give your mail carrier?


What is a good gift to give a person on their 72nd birthday?

Your time.

Name a good gift for a werewolf?

You can give them anything but silver!

Can you give me some insight on what might be a possible good gift for a first communion gift?

A good first communion gift would be in the context of idols or religious antiques such as a cross or an ornament.

What is a good gift to give a cowboy?

the special gift sould be to be born for rideing horses and cows for girls is its the same

What is a good homemade gift?

The best gift any child could give to her or her mother is a homade card and kisses.