What is the goalie box?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The correct term would be the "goal area" and it is the smaller of the two areas on each end of the soccer field. The larger is called the "penalty area."

The goal area is 6 yards deep and 18 yards wide.

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it is where the goalie can use his hands in a soccer game.

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Q: What is the goalie box?
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Who may enter the goalie box in hockey?

the goalie only

Where is the goalie box in hockey arena?

The Goalie box does not exist. If you are talking about the Goalie Crease, it is a semi-circle in front of the net that is considered the goalie's area and other players are not to invade that area.

Who can be in the goalie box?


In Gatorball can the goalie play any ball with his hands inside the goalie area?

Yes, as long as they are in the goalie box

Can you hit a soccer ball with your fists and it is in the opposite goalie box and you are goalie?

No u cant cause its going to be considered a handball

Can goalie go out the square in soccer?

Yes, the goalie can go outside the penalty box. However once he does, he is not allowed to use his hands.

What is the most players in the penalty box at one time?

the answer is 4 because the goalie never goes in the penalty box and there is only aloud to be atleast 3 including the goalie on the ice (for one team)

If a attacker is taking a shot at the goal how many people is allowed in the goalie box?

Do you mean in a set kick, a pk, or just regular play and he is taking a shot. In a set kick or regular play every player on the field can be in the goalie box. If it is during a pk then only the shooter and the goalie can be in the box at first while all the other players have to be on the outside of the box until the ball is kicked.

Can an indoor soccer goalie bounce the ball?

Yes, as long as you are in the box.

Can the goalie go out of the box?

Yes, as long as he/she does not touch the ball with their hands.

What does D mean in soccer?

It means the semicircle above and attached to the goalie box

May a goalie outside the box kick it into the box then handle the ball?

No that is not aloud and would most likely be called as handball.