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The goal in football is where the player need to try and get the football into the net without the goalkeeper saving the ball.

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Q: What is the goal of football?
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What is the description of football?

Football is to get the ball and goal to the goal

The width of an Canadian football league goal post?

The goal post dimensions in Canadian football are the same as in American football. The goal posts are on the goal line. The hash marks are not in line with the uprights.

What is the lenght of a football field from goal post to goal post?

Goal post to goal post, a football field is 360 feet long.

What does a football player do?

A professional football player is paid to be a part of a team that plays the game of football. Any football player has the goal of getting the football through the goal.

Width of football goal?

The width of a football goal in the NFL is 23' 4". In the NCAA, the goal is 18' 6" wide.

How can a goal be scored in English football?

by kicking the ball in the goal!! the best and original type of football. american football is stupid

Was the width of the goal posts for professional football ever changed?

what is the width of a professional football goal post

In football when would a field goal be executed?

In football a field goal would be executed when it passes through the uprights of the goal post.

Is a futsal goal bigger than a football goal?

No. The size of the goal in futsal is significantly smaller than that used in football (soccer), or any other major football rule set.

Who was the top goal scorer when football began?

At the point when football began, until anyone scored a goal, nobody was the leading goal-scorer.

How long is a football field goal to goal post?

A football field post to post is 120 yards. It is 100 yards from goal to goal and each endzone is 10 yards.

What is get a goal called?

Getting a goal in soccer-football is called a goal

What is a field goal in soccer?

There is no field goal in Association Football (soccer), that exists only on American football.

How many hectometers is a football field?

In American football, it is 0.9144 hectometers from goal line to goal line.

What is football goal in French?

But de Football

How do you about your goal?

A goal is where a football player scores a goal with there foot into a white net.

How do you say Goal in Kenya?

Bao ( the 'GOAL!!' for football

What is the distance between the goal posts goal line in football?


Is football goal posts made of metal?

Most football goal posts are made of some type of metal. Football goal posts for the NFL are made out of steel with a mixture of aluminum. Soccer goal posts are usually aluminum or plastic with a net in between the posts.

How tall is a football goal post?

A football goal is 8 feet, or 2.44m tall, and 8 yards (7.32m) long.

How much of the football has to cross the goal line?

If any part of the football crosses the plane of the goal line it is considered a touchdown.

How long is a high football field?

All football fields are 100 yards long from goal line to goal line

How long is a football field from goal to goal?

100 yards.

HOW LONG IS Football goal to the other goal?

120yards 120yards

What does a goal keeper do in football?

Keeps the goal free of balls.