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Q: What is the geomatric shape of a football?
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2 geomatric figures of same shape and size?

whats the circumferences of r=8

What geomatric shape is associated with root 2?

The length of a hypotenuse of a right triangle with equal legs is equal to the length of the leg times the square root of 2.

When was the modern shape of the football established?

The shape of the football was changed from the shape used in rugby to a prolate spheroid in 1897. Cllick on the 'History of the Football' link below to read about the evolution of the ball used in American football.

How do football players train for football?

Get in shape.

What makes a football spin?

The shape of the football.

Explain why the shape of a football is not a polygon?

It has a curved surface.

Is a football a polygon?

Explain why the shape of a football in not a polygon

What is the shape of a football in 3D not the name football?


What is the shape of Gaelic football?

The ball used in Gaelic Football is round.

What is the geometric shape is the football?


What shape is a football?

a circle in 3d

What is the geometric shape of a football?

a square

What shape is a football field?

A rectangle.

What is the shape of a regular football?


How can I get in shape for my football tryout?

work out

What is the geometric shape football?

it is an oval

What shape is the afl football?


How do you get strong and in shape for football?

you play and pratice football a ton

Why does the football's shape help?

The football is aerodynamic which allows it to pierce through the air.

Can the shape of a football be a two sided shape?

Yes, the inside and the outside of the ball.

When was the first piece of art made in china?

poetry decorated with geomatric pattern

What is the shape of a football called?

a prolate spheroid.

What geometric shape is a football?

prolate spheroid

What 3-d shape is a football?


Define football shape mathematically?