What is the gear divers use?

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Q: What is the gear divers use?
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Who would use the scuba gear?

Scuba divers.

When was the old steel diving helmet mostly replaced?

ANSWER:Metal helmets are still in use by professional divers. Many consider the metal helmet to be safer than SCUBA gear.

How do you use divers as a sentence?

You can use divers in a sentence like, The divers dove deep down to the bottom of the ocean to look for lost things. *divers can also mean: 1. several; various; sundry: divers articles. 2. an indefinite number more than one (used with a plural verb): He chose divers of them, who were asked to accompany him.

Who uses a scuba-suit?

Many people use a SCUBA suit for diving. Sport divers, police divers and some Navy recovery divers.

What is the gear that divers use?

Mask, fins, snorkel, knife, tank, bcd (buoyancy control device), wetsuit, weight belt, regulator, pressure gauge, depth gauge, etc.

What is the towel that Olympic divers use?


How do you breathe underground?

You can breathe underground by using submersible breathing aparatus similar to scuba gear used by divers.

Where might one find diving gear to purchase?

If a customer wishes to purchase diving gear online there is a website entitled divers' direct. It is a good option for purchasing gear online as well as other options.

What force do divers use to dive into the water?


What divers watch does the army use?

The army of which country?

Why do divers use a knife?

they need protection from stuff

What kind of gas do divers use?

Divers use 21% Oxygen and 79% nitrogen while underwater. It results in the same exact air we breath on the surface.

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