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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What is the game curling in the olympic creed?
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What is the olympic game on ice that uses a disc?


What countries have Olympic curling teams?

what countries have Olympic curling teams

Which olympic game beginning with c is now not played?

Curling, I think

What is the curling stone used for?

The 41 pound curling stone is used for the Olympic curling game to knock the other stones out and to place the closest to the "home." if that doesn't answer your question Google it!

Does Russia have an Olympic curling team?

Yes, they do have a curling team.

What words were used for the ancient olympic creed?

The most important thing in the olympic game is not to win but to take part

Why did curling become a sport?

Curling became and olympic sport in 1998

Is curling an olympic sport?


What country has won the most Olympic medals in Curling?

Canada: 2. Curling has only been an Olympic sport since 1998.

Why do we have Olympics?

Olympic creed

Which of these made its olympic debut in 1908?


In which winter olympic sport are stones used?

Curling...Oh, how I hate Curling. :P

What is 'curling' in French?

Curling, as an Olympic ice sport, is the same word in English and in French.

What weight is an Olympic curling stones?

THe weight of an Olympic curling rock is 44 lbs. That is what i heard from mostly every website you ask that question.

How long has curling an Olympic sport?

It has been an Olympic sport since 1998.

Is curling still a olympic sport?

Yes. Curling has been an Olympic sport since the Nagano games in 1998. There is a men's division and a women's division.

Most popular winter olympic sports?


What is the weight of an olympic curling stone?

About 42 pounds.

Whats the strangest Olympic sport?

IMHO... the answer is: Curling.

What olympic sport do you throw stones at houses?


What is the least popular winter Olympic Sport?


What the most boring Olympic Sport?

it has to be by far curling

What is the point of curling the game?

Well you know its just another Olympic sport some people invented just for the fun of it.

How many times has America won Olympic medals in curling?

The US has won one Olympic curling medal, that being a bronze at the 2006 Games in Turin.

What is curling?

Curling is an ice sport played in many areas. it is an olympic sport and it first came from Sctoland.