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Q: What is the furthest doncaster rovers have ever reached in the fa cup?
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What is the best place that paraguay has ever come n the world cup?

They reached the 2nd round in 1986, 1998 and 2002. being the furthest they've reached in the tournement ever

Has Cameroon ever played in the world cup before?

Yes, Cameroon played in the FIFA world cup before. In Italia 1990, they reached the quarter-finals, the furthest an African nation had reached ever before.

What did someone famous called Byfield ever do?

Darren Byfield is a football player currently with Tamworth as both a player and a coach. He has played in the Premier League for Aston Ville and the Championship Division for Gillingham, Bristol City, and the Doncaster Rovers.

Bob Hope did he ever live in doncaster south Yorkshire?

Bob Hope was born in Eltham southeast London and moved to the US with his family at the age of five. There is no record of him ever having lived in Doncaster.

What is the furthest South Korea have ever got in the world cup?

the furthest is the semi final

Has blackburn rovers ever played Manchester united in the champions league?

May be in 1996.In 1995 Blackburn Rovers were champions.

Have any doncaster rover players ever played for England?

100 or more

What is the worst football team ever?

by far bristol rovers

Did Annie walker ever own the rovers return?


What is the furthest an Arctic iceberg ever drifted?

No dajuhrvf

What is the furthest distance man has ever run?


What is the furthest distance a dog has ever traveled?

what is the furthest distance a dog has ever traveld