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the furthest is the semi final

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Q: What is the furthest South Korea have ever got in the world cup?
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Has the world cup ever been in South Korea?

Yes, in 2002. South Korea and Japan hosted the world cup

Does south Korea have a president?

Yes. South Korea has had a president ever since the establishment of the First Republic of Korea on 1948 August 15, after World War II.

When did Korea start playing in the world cup?

South Korea's first ever world cup was in 1954, in which they went out on the group stage. Meanwhile, North Korea have only been in two world cups: 1966 and 2010.

How long have North and South Korea been fighting?

Ever since 1951, when North Korea invaded South Korea.

Why does South Korea stink?

Korea never ever stinks

Did North Korea and South Korea ever communicate before they split?


What is the largest ever fifa world cup defeat?

7-0. Portugal beat North Korea 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Who hosted the soccer world cup 2002?

It was hosted by two countries for the first time ever , Japan and South Korea.

South Korea vs North Korea - Will it ever end?

maybe someday. ;ㅂ;

Do the French control the government of South Korea?

NO. South Korea is a sovereign and independent country. Additionally, at no point in history was Korea ever under French control.

Did South Korea ever ask US to remove troops from South Korea?

In Korea they have an American base for people from America. I live in Korea and I've been to the base and 30% of the base are Koreans and 70% are Americans.

Is Korea is better for a holiday or turkie?

Well, South Korea is the best country ever And Korea is better then America. Ha Ha. Korea is better then Korea

DID North Korea ever joined the United Nations?

Yes, in 1991, the same year South Korea joined.

In 2006 world cup which nation became the first ever team to leave the tournament without conceding a goal in open play?

Was it south Korea.

The fastest ever goal scored in football?

Ithink it is from Hakan Sukur in 2002 FIFA World Cup semi-final Turkey - South Korea

Did Korea ever win the world cup?


Has Korea ever won the world cup?


Did china win World Cup?

No, they haven't. The Chinese national team have only ever reached one World Cup, in 2002 in Japan/South Korea, where they were knocked out at the First Round.

Did Lotte World ever close in South Korea?

Yes, Lotte World closed for 6 months, from January to July of 2007, for emergency repairs after serious safety problems were discovered.

This line divides North Korea and South Korea?

North Korea and South Korea are divided nearly in half (although South Korea is bigger). The dividing line between North Korea and South Korea is a bit north of Sokcho, a beach town in South Korea (about 4-5 hours drive from Yoido, an island in Seoul) In Sokcho, you can see soldiers and military camps. Past the mountains is North Korea. If you ever go to South Korea and want to see North Korea, you can look through a telescope from a tower. But don't bring any medicines or dangerous items: You can be thrown into a North Korean prison for that. Edit : North Korea is actually bigger than the South South Korea is approx : 100,000 km2 North Korea is approx. : 120,000 km2

Has Mexico ever made it to the world cup finals?

Mexico has never made it to a final or a semifinal. The furthest they have ever made in the World Cup is the quarter finals.

What is the coldest temperature ever recorded In South Korea?

-30 degrees Celsius

Did North Korea ever host a world cup?


Did Korea ever won a football world cup?


Did North Korea ever win the world cup?