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i use a 5 gallon jug and do a ratio of 40 to 1 its a little rich but will run good

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Q: What is the fuel gas mixture for a 65 two stroke dirt bike?
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What is the two stroke fuel mixture for a 1983 Honda CR60R dirt bike?

40:1 is the mixture of gas to 2 stroke motor oil (only)

What is oil fuel mixture for 1988 Suzuki Rm 80 dirt bike?


What does the fuel valve do on a 49cc dirt bike?

What's does the fuel valve do on a 49cc dirt bike

What is the fuel oil mixture on a 1978 175 and a 1982 250 dirt bike?

You need to run one gallon of gas with 4 ounces of two stroke oil.That is a ratio of 32:1.

What if your two stroke dirt bike starts to smoke bad?

If your 2 stroke dirt bike starts to smoke really bad that means you have to much oil in the fuel or the wrong kind of oil. Or the pistons, oil rings or cylinders are badly worn.

Why does your oil smell like fuel on a 4 stroke dirt bike?

sounds like a bad head gasket possibly

What is the fuel mixture for a 250cc 2 stroke engine?

what is the fuel and oil mixture for a kx 250, 2 stroke

What is the difference between a 2-stroke dirt bike and a 4-stroke dirt bike?

It's how the engines work. for the same amount of power, a 2-stroke will be lighter, smaller and rev higher. It'll also use more fuel and pollute more. A 4-stroke will run cleaner and more efficiently. It'll make more torque but won't rev as high.

The Compression Stroke pulls the fuel-air mixture into the cylinder?

No, the intake stroke pulls fuel-air into the cylinder, the compression stroke squeezes (compresses) this mixture into a small volume.

What is the difference between two and four stroke dirt bikes?

A 2-stroke dirtbike will be powered by a 2-stroke engine and a 4-stroke dirtbike will be powered by a 4-stroke engine. For the same power, the 2-stroke will be a lighter bike. For the same weight, the 4-stroke will be a weaker/slower bike. The 2-stroke is likely to use more fuel and make more noise. The 4-stroke will run cleaner and quieter.

Is the 1994 100cc Yamaha dirt bike fuel injected?

yes all Yamaha dirt bikes are fuel injected

Are all pocket dirt bikes 2 stroke fuel mixed?


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