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Its called Topspin.

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Q: What is the forward rotation put on a tennis ball called?
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What force is responsible for a tennis ball moving forward after it gets hit by a tennis racket?

The ball keeps moving forward because of its momentum, which is not a force.

What is the rotation of the ball called in tennis?

It is called spin, there are many forms of spin, * top spin * side spin (slice) * back spin

Is hitting a tennis ball a push or pull?

It is a push. See you push it forward with the tennis racket, making it go forward, away from you. When you pull something, you're bringing it toward yourself. But when you hit a tennis ball, you push the ball away from you.

Is topsin importat in tennis?

Massively, that is if you want to become a serious tennis player. Every professional tennis player in the world uses top spin, and for two simple reasons: 1: Due to the forward rotation of the ball, the ball will dip more quickly than a shot without spin, thus allowing a player to hit the ball harder/higher as it will fall into the court lines quicker. 2: Again due to the forward ball rotation, upon hitting the ground the ball will bounce both higher and faster than a flat shot, thus making more difficult for an opponent to hit or to get in the correct position to strike the ball.

Why does a curv ball curv in baseball?

the snap of the wrist when thrown is a forward flick and causes the forward rotation to make the ball drop dramatically

When is a tennis ball called out?

When the ball is out side the court lines

What is the person called that retreives the ball in tennis?

Its a ball boy or a ball girl.

What is it called if you throw the ball forward in rugby?

forward pass

What is the action called when you hit a tennis ball?

It is called a swing.

What is bigger a Golf ball or a Tennis ball?

A tennis ball.

What is it called to hit an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc?

Moon ball.

What is it called when a tennis ball goes around the net and not over it?


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