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Its called Topspin.

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Q: What is the forward rotation put on a tennis ball called?
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What force is responsible for a tennis ball moving forward after it gets hit by a tennis racket?

The ball keeps moving forward because of its momentum, which is not a force.

Is topsin importat in tennis?

Massively, that is if you want to become a serious tennis player. Every professional tennis player in the world uses top spin, and for two simple reasons: 1: Due to the forward rotation of the ball, the ball will dip more quickly than a shot without spin, thus allowing a player to hit the ball harder/higher as it will fall into the court lines quicker. 2: Again due to the forward ball rotation, upon hitting the ground the ball will bounce both higher and faster than a flat shot, thus making more difficult for an opponent to hit or to get in the correct position to strike the ball.

Is hitting a tennis ball a push or pull?

It is a push. See you push it forward with the tennis racket, making it go forward, away from you. When you pull something, you're bringing it toward yourself. But when you hit a tennis ball, you push the ball away from you.

What is the action called when you hit a tennis ball?

It is called a swing.

What is it called to hit an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc?

Moon ball.

To hit the tennis ball with little or no strength is called what?

Tapping it.

What is it called when a tennis ball goes around the net and not over it?


What shape is the plastic tennis ball holder called?


What is it called when the server hits the net with the ball in tennis?


How do tennis ball machines improve a player's game?

The machines tennis players use to shoot tennis balls are called tennis ball machines. Tennis players also call them ball machines, but a Google search for "ball machine" might bring up machines from different sports.

Which ball can bounce the highest a basketballbaseballor a tennis ball?

a tennis ball

What is tops in tennis?

Tops probably refers to tops-spin, which is where the ball spins forward, and when it hits the ground speeds up.