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Q: What is the forward line in field hockey?
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When was Saleem Sherwani - field hockey forward - born?

Saleem Sherwani - field hockey forward - was born on 1962-06-21.

Is an inner the same as a forward in field hockey?

yes they are the same

How many yards are there in field hockey?

There are two 25 yard marks and one 50 yard line. So there are 100 yards on a field hockey field!

Hockey time line?

(Please Note Ice Hockey takes its Origins from Hockey "Field" and Shinny but this will only be a time line for Ice Hockey) * 1843 - Kingston Ontario (Played By British Troops with Field Hockey Sticks and Ball On Ice) * 1886 - Queens University v Royal Military College (First Official Ruled Game) Time Line For Ice Hockey... Confirmed Please Feel Free to Add to the list

What is a field hockey press?

A press is when all of the forward line moves across to the side of the field where the hit is being taken and tries to stop it from getting out of the defence. the winger usually goes on the line inner steps beside the winger and usually drops deeper the centre forward goes to the ball if it is a layoff the winger from the other side comes and stands on the top of the circle and the inner covers the gap.

What is the purpose of the 25 yard line in field hockey?

The "23 metre" line (actually 22.90 metres overall) defines the defensive zone in field hockey. It is the line at which a fully-padded goalkeeper may not take part in play, and the limit at which a severe penalty can be awarded a penalty corner.

How many people on a hockey team?

Including the goalkeeper there are 11 players on the field at a time, but most teams have up to four reserves, so a maximum of 15 possible field players per game. 11 players can play on the field. Most teams have about 15 players. 1= goalie 3= defense 3=mid field 4= forward line or 1= goalie 3=defense 2= links 5= forward line Some people have different places where people are but these are the ones I have learned.

Which is easier lacrosse or field hockey?

field hockey

In which sports do we have corners?

a short corner is taken on the back line in the D and has too be hit out of the D before it can be shot at goal, a long corner is taken from the sideline and has to move 5 metres before its hit into the D

What does a forward cross over in ice hockey?

The blue line, the red line, the goal line, the bench, the crease.... Etc forwards are human they can cross over most things. If I take your question literally your feet do forward crossovers... They can do it backwards too!

Should I play field hockey or soccer?

field hockey

What is the hockey term for forward crossovers?

Forward crossovers......