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There are several formations.. Several meaning many.. based upon the type of offence you are running. Two backs, 3backs,..3 recievers, 2 depends on your personnel.

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Q: What is the formation in football?
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What is the most effective offensive formation in American football?

The I formation and obviosly the shotgun

What football defense formation would stop the t formation?

The four four defense

What is the most popular formation in soccer?

The 4-4-2 formation remains the most popular formation in football (soccer).

What is the most successful football formation and why?


What does nsf mean in football?

Not standard formation

What is the load formation in football?

Its the formation used in a first and goal situation when your team does a running play

Can a lineman be uncovered in a legal football formation?

Yes he can.

What football teams play 2 5 3 formation?

The two teams on a table football table!

How many strikers on a football pitch when playing?

it depends on the formation

What are the penalty yards for illegal formation in football?

5 yards

Is there such a thing as illegal formation on defense in college football?


Wishbone football formation?

its a very successful play that helps alot

What are the somethings that are the same in hockey and football?

# The contact # Teamwork # Formation # Scoring

Is a 5 wide receiver formation in football legal?

Yes. As long as there are at least 7 players on the line of scrimmage, any formation is legal.

What does a reciever do in football?

they catch the ball,block, and sometimes rush, or on some football games they line up as the quarterback in the wildcat formation

How to line up a football team?

use the 4-4-2 formation

What is the football position PC?

the center in punt formation (see long snapper)

What is a coach's challenge in football?

choosing play formation ect. + telling players what to do

Offensive back in American football positioned outside the play formation?


What is the best formation for 6 a side Soccer football?

6 defenders lol

BigMon Offensive back in American football positioned outside the play formation?


Can rb's line up behind the qb in the shotgun formation?

Technically yes. But that formation is called the pistol formation which is a modified formation invented by current university of Nevada head coach. It is not used in the NFL and is not largely widespread in college football although it is not rare to see it.

What is a-11 football?

A-11 Football is an offensive system used in some levels American football in which a team's offensive players are deemed eligible to catch a forward pass - as determined by the formation they're aligned in, and not according to their jersey number and formation - as is the case in basic American football.In basic American football using a five fixed offensive linemen set, there are only 36 possibilities of which player can receive the snap and advance with the ball because the offensive linemen are not interchangeable within the formation with other offensive players - the jersey-numbering requirement does not allow it.

When did people first begin to play football?

People first started to play football in the United States around 1850. Professional football started around 1890 with the formation of teams and owner's clubs.

Where can you find a diagram of where the football positions stand?

Click on the 'Formation Diagrams' link on this page to see diagrams of many of the common offensive and defensive football formations.