What is the formation in football?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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so you don't have people running around like a herd of buffalo. you can keep the field spread out, you won't get beat on defense, so the goalie can use their hands, and so someone can be there to receive crosses ect...


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The purpose in having soccer positions is so that everyone on the team is organized and so that the team has the best players in their appropriate position in order to succeed. You wouldn't have a striker play goalie and you wouldn't have a defender play striker. Different people are good at different positions and although many soccer players are well rounded, a player is usually better at a specific position than all of them.

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There are several formations.. Several meaning many.. based upon the type of offence you are running. Two backs, 3backs,..3 recievers, 2 depends on your personnel.

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Q: What is the formation in football?
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