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what year is volleyball made what do they use what is they history

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Q: What is the for the sports volleyball was made for?
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Is a volleyball a olympic sports?

Yeah, they have regular volleyball and team volleyball.

Where is the best place to bye volleyball equpment?

I bought my volleyball stuff at Sports Authority, but anywhere that has sports equipment should have volleyball stuff in volleyball season.

Is any sport is build friendship?

All team sports are made up of friends. Sports such as Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball.

Who sports for girls?


Sports in china?

Football Volleyball

Is volleyball an alternative sport?

No. Volleyball is a popular sport requiring special skills, but it is not an 'alternative' sport. "Alternative sports" are those classified as extreme or adventure sports, and volleyball does not fit into this category.

What is the most popular sports for girls?

basketball and volleyball. Thats my opinion

Are there any sports starting with v?


What are the 3 best sports?

the three best sports are volleyball, tennis and football

What are all the sports where you serve a ball?

Tennis, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and beach volleyball.

What sports originated in the US?

Basketball, and probably baseball and volleyball

What kind of sports do brazillians play?

Two of the sports that they play are soccer and beach volleyball.