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Football Volleyball

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Q: Sports in china
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China's popular sports and pastimes?

china's popular sports and pastimes

What sports are layed in China?

The attractive or "hot" sports will get layed in china

What is china main sport?

The main sports of China are martial arts,bad mingtong,and football.Thoose are the main sports of China.

What is a sport in China?

pingpong and kungfu are sports in china

Where were sports made?


What kind of sports do people in China play?

"what kind of sports do they play in china?table tennis, badminton

What is sports of China?

China plays the same sports we do, just not as well :)Ping pong/ table tennis

What are some of the sports played in China?

most of the sports in the U.S

What are the sports in China?

yes, because in the Olympics their are teams from china

What are popular team sports in china?

basketball, volleyball, baseball and criket are some of the popular team sports in china

What sports did China invent?


What are the children favourite sports in china?


How many sports do they play?

China Plays 16 different sports

Who is the famous sports person of china?

Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, and Li Ning are famous sports people in china.

National sports of china?

China plays football,gymnastics,soccer

What sports do China do?

Well there main Sports and Ping Pong, Diving and Snooker

Which city manufactures sports goods?


What are the popular sports in China?

soccerbasketball Answer Chess

What do china play for sports?

eating rice

What sports originated from china?

ping pong

What kind of sports do people in China do?


Popular sports for girls in china?


What are china's favorite sports?

Ping pong

What are 3 popular sports in china?


Is Germany best known for sports?

no china is

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