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Q: What is the flame temperature of a bernzamatic torch?
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How much is the oxyacetylene flame temperature?

3315.555556ºC It is my understanding that an acetylene torch produces a flame temperature of approx. 6000 degrees Fahrenheit.

How hot does rocket fuel burn?

6,300 degrees fahrenheit which is the same temperature as the oxy-acetylene cutting torch flame and in fact the oxy-acetylene cutting torch flame looks exactly the same as the rocket engine flame. Vincent Majerowicz

Where does the Olympic games torch stay when the Olympics are not on?

The flame is put out at the end of the games and a new torch is designed for every game. Several torches are made and the flame is passed not the torch.

What is acetylene welding?

Acetylene welding is a process in which like metals are joined by heating them to their melting temperature with an oxy-acetylene flame produced by a torch.

Was it the flame of destruction or the torch of?

it mean i am god

What is a turbo tourch used for?

A turbo torch is is a welding tool used in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) field. The torch can use propane or oxy-acetylene gas to provide a high temperature flame.

Give an example of a illuminated object?

torch, flame

Explain oxy- acetylene welding process?

Oxygen and acetylene tanks feed into your torch. When opened, the gases will mix in a chamber in the torch, then flow out of the torch tip. Using a spark lighter, they will ignite causing a flame. This flame can be adjusted to a neutral flame by moving the knobs on the tank regulators.

Where did the oylimpic torch travel from?

The flame of the Olympic torch always travels from Greece, where it is lit, to the host country.

Does the flame on the olympic torch still alight while it is on an aircraft?

The Olympic torch stays burning with propane

When and where is the Olympic torch now and what is the significance of the flame?

at my house today

What is a dual flame sealed burner?

A Double flamed torch