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combariene shot

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Q: What is the first shot in a tennis rally called?
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What is a high tennis shot called?

A high tennis shot is called a "lob"** By a "high tennis shot" I assume you mean a shot that YOU hit

What is a served shot that could not be returned by the opponent in Tennis called?

In tennis it's called a ace

What do you call a shot that has bounced first for tennis?

I know it sounds weird but its true... its called a hobblegot!

What is a high shot called in tennis?

a smash

In tennis a shot also called a kill or a winner?

it is called a winner

What is a served shot in which the opponent could not return in tennis?

That is called an ace.

What is a high arch shot that lands near the baseline in tennis called?

it's called a lob

Who calls the shot in table tennis when there is no referee?

The player that is why it is called a gentelmens sport.

What is a shot called that travels just over the net and bounces close to the net in tennis?

A shot that bounces twice very close to the net is called a dropshot.

What is a challenge in tennis?

Challenges in tennis include: placing a shot were you want it, know what the oppenents shot might be, reacting to a oppenents shot.

A high arcing in tennis shot?

Usually called a Lob shot. It is used to either draw your opponent to the back of the court or to hit over him if he is at the net.

If a personal foul is called and then a technical fouled is also called which foul shot is shot first?

technical is first

What movies have the song Hit Me With What if your Best Shot in it?

there was an 80's movie about a junior girls tennis tour which is actually called "Hit me with your best shot" and had the song in it.

What is a chop shot in tennis?

a chop shot is a.k.a. a slice which is a shot with backspin

Why do you think the first shot fired at Lexington was called The shot heard round the world?

because it was the first shot in the war

What is the first shot on a par three hole?

The first shot on a par three, just like the first shot on any hole is called the tee shot. There is no special name for it.

What was the first shot at Lexington called?

"The shot heard around the world"

What is a drive in tennis?

a shot with no spin.

What was the first shot fired at lexington and concord called?

"the shot heard round the world"

Why was the first shot at Lexiongton called the Shot heard round the world?

fat man

What is the name of the first shot on a golf hole?

It would be called the tee shot or drive.

What are the violations in tennis?

There are various violations in the game of tennis, both on singles and doubles. In singles, the ball may not be hit twice when on your side of the court. You can not "bounce" shot over the net, and when in the middle of a rally, if a ball falls out of your pocket, it is an automatic point for the opponent. In doubles, when the opponent team is serving, the player at the net on your team cannot return the ball, or it is the other team's point.

What is a volley in tennis?

A volley in tennis is a shot that is hit before the ball bounces on the ground.

What are the Sport lingo in badminton?

smash,rally expedile,high clear,drop shot

What is a golfers first shot called?

tee off

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