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In the case of Major League Baseball, there are no fines for players that throw a Baseball into the stands after their team on defense has recorded 3 outs.

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2013-04-25 19:01:30
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Q: What is the fine for a baseball player throwing a ball he caught into the stands?
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Is a baseball caught in the stands an out?

If it is caught by the player in the stands with no interference (such as a fan tipping the ball up), it is an out.

What is the fine for a baseball player throwing a ball in the stands at the end of an inning?

There are no fines for baseball players throwing a ball into the stands. Baseball teams don't like to accept players with too many fines on their record. Baseball is still a professional organization and those kinds of players reflect on the ball club they play for.

What is the fine for a football player throwing a football in the stands?


What is CS short for in baseball?

In statistics, CS stands for Caught Stealing.

Life as an nbl player?

NBL stands for National Baseball League so maybe a pro baseball player.

Is there a fine in the NFL for throwing the football in the stands?


What does it mean when a baseball player points to the stands?

That he plans on hitting a home-run.

What is the fine for throwing the football in the stands?

$2000 (US currency)

How do you find age of a baseball player on a baseball card?

look at the D.O.B. that stands for date of birth or born date

If a baseball is hit deep into the stands and is caught by a player who reaches his glove into the stands to catch it is it considered a home run?

Well no becasue the ball is still in played unless it hit the groud,floor,bench if the player gets the ball in to the glove in the air is still in played for a OUT!! AND ALSO no it is an out unless there is fan interference in which case it may be ruled a ground rule double.

What does ofa stand for in baseball?

OFA stands for Outfield Assist. Outfielder throwing a guy out at a base is considered an assist. Big stat for figuring gold glover award.

What is the position called when a player in baseball stands between second and third base?

short stop

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