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Check Mate. But this name only applies if the move results in a checkmate. Sometimes the final move in a game of Chess does not result in a checkmate,; therefore it cannot be called a checkmate.

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Q: What is the final move in chess called?
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What is a bad move in chess called?

A bad move in chess is called a "blunder".

What is the end move in chess called?

The last move in chess is a checkmate. A checkmate is when you have trapped the king to where it cannot escape in anyway. Then, you win the game.

What is the move called when you switch the queen and bishop in chess?

This is not a legal chess move in keeping with the rules of chess . You may be thinking of Castling ~ see related link below .

What is the opening move in chess called?


What is the first move in chess called?

It`s called the first move. The first few moves are called the opening.

What is a chess turn called?

A turn in chess is known as a "Move" ~ see related link below for a list of chess terms .

What is the french chess move?

it is called En Passant

When did Bilbao Chess Masters Final happen?

Bilbao Chess Masters Final happened in 2011.

What term is given to a compound move of the king and the rook in chess?

This is called "castling".

After your pawn in chess reaches the end can you move an extra space to save yourself?

It appears that you are asking if it is legal in chess to exchange your pawn for another piece, and then, in that same turn, move that piece. If that is your question, then the answer is no. The turn ends when the you advance the pawn to the final rank. You don't get to move it until your next turn.

Can you skip in chess?

You can not skip your move in chess. You always have to move when it is your turn. If you have no legal moves in chess and it is your turn, the game is a stalemate.

How can you win a game of chess in 4 moves?

The 4 move checkmate, also called the Scholar's Mate, comes about after a move sequence like 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 Bc4 d6 Qh5 Nf6 Qxf7 mate. There are other move orders but the final position is the Scholar's Mate.

Is there a move called castling in chess?

Yes , Castling is a move - see related link below for instructions regarding how and when you can Castle .

Can the queen of chess move like the horse in chess?

No. Only the knight can move in that pattern.

How does a queen move in chess?

The queen can move like every piece in chess except the knight.

Why is it important to protect the king in chess?

If the king is captured or cannot move 'checkmate' is called and you lose.

Can the knight in chess move one space?

No , the Knight must move the spaces required by the rules of chess .

What is it called when you win a chess game in 4 moves?

It is called the Scholar's Mate also known as four move check mate

What is it called for a pawn to be by itself in chess?

A pawn by itself with no other pawn on its side to move up to protect it is called an isolated pawn.

Is there a chess move called by pass?

No , not by that term , but there is "En Passant" (In passing) ~ see related link below .

How many moves can you make in your first move in chess?

Your pawn can move 1 space or 2 spaces for your first move in chess or your knight can make its accustomed move.

What do you do when you can't move any chess pieces?

If you can't move any of your chess pieces, it is a stalemate and the game is over.

What is the final move in chess?

Endgame The final move in chess has no name per se. Many times a game ends with a checkmate, so "checkmate" can be considered in most but not all cases as the final move. However, some games end when a player loses by running out of time. Some games end in a stalemate or a draw. A draw can be by rule or by agreement. In in any of those situations, the last move is not a checkmate, therefore you cannot say the last move is called a checkmate. As far as "endgame" goes, that term refers to the last of the three stages of a chess game. The first two are the opening and middle game. The endgame cannot be defined with any specific description. However, many times a game may be said to be in the "endgame" stage after the queens have been taken off the board. Even this is not always the case. If the queens have been traded off early in the game with most other pieces still on the board, the game is still in the middle game stage.

How can you win a chess game in one move?

The only possible way to win a chess game in a single move is if your opponent resigns after the first move.

Are you allowed to move back in chess?

Moves in chess are determined by the nature of the pieces and the spaces available for a legal move. Any chess piece can move backwards except for the pawn - and even the pawn can move backwards in a sense, if it reaches the back of the board and is promoted.