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Q: What is the fence behind a baseball home plate called?
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What is the fence or wall behind home plate called?

It is referred to as the "backstop"

Who is the player in baseball that is positioned behind the home plate and responsible for receiving the pitch from the pitcher?

The player in baseball that is positioned behind the home plate and is responsible for receiving the pitch from the pitcher is called the catcher.

Are baseball fence distances measured from the ground or top of fence?

The distances are measured from the tip of home plate to the bottom of the fence.

What baseball stadium has the longest distance from home plate to the fence?


Where does an umpire like to sit when he is eating dinner?

behind the plate

Where is the Catcher in Baseball?

Behind Home Plate.

IN baseball who is behind the catcher?

The Home Plate Umpire...

What is the length of a baseball field?

In Major League Baseball, the bases are 90' apart. The distance from home plate to the nearest fence is 250' or more.

Where is the backdoor slider pitch located?

The term "Back Door" could be used for both a slider, and a curve ball. It refers to a baseball that was thrown outside of the strike zone, misses the plate but, is caught behind the plate, and called a strike. Technically it should be called a "ball" because it never crosses the plate but, because it is caught behind the plate and appears to be a strike to the umpire; It is said it came in through the "back Door"

What are some nouns about baseball?

Ball Bat Hat Uniform Base Field Fence Home Plate Dugout

What is a baseball player whose position is behind home plate?

A catcher.

What is the powder left behind on a streak plate called?

It is called a mineral streak.

A baseball player whose position is behind home plate?

Catcher or umpire

When does the basbell hit the baseball bat?

When playing baseball, you want to hit the ball with the bat right over the plate. Hitting it in front or behind the plate results in a foul ball.

What is the person behind the batter in baseball called?

The catcher is the person that is behind the batter however if you mean even further then the Catcher then it's the Home Plate Umpire and if you mean even further then next would be the various fans that are in the stands.

What is the word in the grass behind home plate on the Coors baseball field?

Year of the fan

What is the dimentions of the baseball field?

Official fields use 90ft baselines and 60ft6in from the pitchers mound to home plate. The fence distance is determined by the team.

Why are baseball fields laid out with home plate to the west?

So that the sun sets behind the batter, and not in his face.

What is the largest baseball park?

If you are referring to the distance from home plate to the center field fence. It would be Minute Maid park In Houston Texas, home of the Houston Astros.

How do you score the game baseball?

When you touch the plate. That is a called a run.

Is there a regulation size for Major League Baseball fields?

Yes there is a regulation size for Major League Baseball fields, in the case of the infield, it needs to be a 90 foot square. The outfield does not have any regulation size between the 2 foul poles, their regulation size is only in the case of its distance to home plate so the distance between home plate and the Outfield fence must be at least 250 feet however along the foul lines the distance between the plate and the outfield fencce must be at least 320 feet and the distance must be at least 400 feet between the plate and the fence in Center Field.

What is 4TH base in baseball called?

There is no 4th base. There is Home "Plate".

Where does the pitcher try to throw the ball?

The pitcher in baseball trys to throw the ball to the back catcher who is behind the home plate.

Why 2 circles near home plate baseball field?

the 2 circles by home plate on a baseball field are called the on-deck circles and they are for the next player up to bat to warm up before going to home plate

What is the playing area of baseball called?

Let's assume the question is about the playing area of a baseball game. The area is often referred to as a "diamond," inspired by the diamond shape of the infield as viewed from behind home plate. Other terms include "ballpark" or just "park," "ball yard," and simply, "ball field."