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Well, my friend ran it in 10.85s so I dunno whether that is the quickest or not.

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Q: What is the fastest time for 15 year old 100m sprint?
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What is the 100m fastest time ever run?

The fastest 100m time ever run is by an 11 year old boy from Ireland. He ran the 100m sprint in a shocking time of 9.41 seconds. Its hard to Believe but it is true. His name was James Mulvihill

What is the fastest time for a 16 year old boy in the 100m and 200m?

The fastest time for a 16 year old boy in 100m is 15.24 seconds while in 200m is 30.11 seconds.

What is the fastest time for 100m girl year 6?

9.57 was mine

What is a good time for an average 16 year old boy in a 100m sprint?


What is the fastest 100m sprint?

9.59 secs usain bolt9.58 seconds, made by Usain BoltThe fastest man in the 100m sprint is Jamaica's Usain Bolt, with a 9.58s finish at Berlin, Germany, August 16, 2009.The fastest time is 8.12 sec achieved by a 11 year old boy in 2010.Answer 2:9.58 : Usain Bolt (the first person is incorrect)

What is the fastest time for an 8 year old boy to run 100m?


What is the fastest 11 year old 100m time?

The 11 year old's name is Omar, and he ran the 100m race in 11.34 seconds.

Who is the fastest 12 year old and at what time?

well I'm 12 and the fastest in my division and I can get 11.34 secs. on the 100m

What is the fastest time a 10 year old girl ran the 100m dash?


Fastest time for a 50 year old man to run 100m?

13-18 seconds

What is a good time for an average 10 year old girl in the 100m sprint?

An average time? I would say about 18 seconds.

What is the fastest time by a 12 year old over 100m?

well i did 11.9 i think that's fast

What is the fastest time for a 9 year old girl running 100m?

Probably only 12.5 I guess.

What is the average 100m sprint time for a 13 year old girl?

14-15seconds but if you're good at it in the 13 seconds mark.

What year did the 100m dash become an event for the Olympics?

I could be wrong, but I think 1896, the fastest time was 13.0 seconds.

How fast should a 8 year old girl run a 100 meter sprint?

My 7 year old runs in Under 8s her 100m time is 21.02

What is a good time for the 100m sprint at 10 years old?

15 seconds would probably be good for a 10 year old, or maybe in the 14s.

What is a good 100m time for 14 year old boy?

The fastest ever time for a 14 year old boy to run 100m is 10.72 seconds, a boy from Newcastle, England named Thomas Williams also Harry King from Torbay Devon a 12 year old boy ran 100m in 11.27 seconds

Who won the men's 100M sprint in 2007?

The world champion in the event that year was Tyson Gay of the USA.

What is an average time for the 100m sprint for a 16 year old girl?

well i am 13 and i run 12.21 by myself if i was running with some one i would of got 11.9 or 12.00 but i would say the average 100m time for a 16 year old girl is like 11.5-14 secs

Can a 5 year old sprint faster than 15 mph?

It depends on the child. If hes fast or slow. If you average 15 mph in a 100m sprint then your time will be 14.91 seconds. That's pretty impressive if a 5 year old can run that fast.

Why is 100m sprint unsuitable for 10 year olds?

its NT but im 10 and i cn run it in 15 seconds

Is 12.49 to do a 100m sprint good for 15 year old girl?

yes that is very good, you never know you could really achieve something with a time like that!

What is expected time for an 8 year old 100m sprint?

For an 8 year old the 100m is not a sprint; it is an endurance event. Any child, male or female, who can out run their fellow children aged 8 will most likely become a very good middle distance runner when older. Basically, sprint times run at this age are meaningless. Taking part and trying to win is all that matters to kids of this age.

What is the Fastest 8 year old 75 meter sprint?

10.8 seconds for a 12 year old