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1 minute 23 seconds 87 milliseconds

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Q: What is the fastest recorded time for a 1000m bike race?
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What is winning time for a 5k?

The fastest time recorded for the race.

What would win in a barrel race a clydsdale or the fastest bike rider?

A clydesdale would easily win. In the word barrel championships the fastest time recorded by a motorbike was 55 seconds around a standard track. A clydesdale did it in under 50 seconds. The fastest motorbike was a suzuki not the expected honda. for more information go to

What is the fastest race dirt bike for a 13 year old?

For a 13 year old it depends on your size and your experience with dirt bikes, but an 85 is usually the best size bike and fastest for a 13 year old. Unless you are really tall which you would need a 125.

How to do a race?

You do a race by running the fastest or doing something the fastest.

When was BC Bike Race created?

BC Bike Race was created in 2007.

How do you get ultra bike on bike race?

You buy it

How do you unlock the ninja bike in bike race?

To unlock ninja bike, you must win a total of 250 multi player games or buy it for $2.99.

When did BC Bike Race happen?

BC Bike Race happened on 2012-07-07.

How do you unlock the gold bike in bike race?


What should you get ATV or dirt bike?

dirtbike, for sure. but dont get a crappy trail bike. get a good race bike, even if you dont race

How much does a race bike cost?

A good race mountain bike would cost you about $6,000 to $10,000

What is a good bike to use in a time trial road race?

A good bike to use in a time trial road race would have to be a time trial bike. It is a racing bike that is designed for use in a individual race. They do have racing bikes also.