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The fastest time for the 100 meter hurdles is 12.21 seconds by Yordanka Donkova of Bulgaria set in 1988. The women's fastest time for the 400 meter hurdles is 52.34 seconds by Yuliya Pechonkina of Russia set in 2003.

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Florence Griffith-Joyner

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the best can get just under 13 seconds.

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I believe it is Lolo Jones

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Q: What is the fastest girls 300 hurdles?
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How far between girls hurdles?

Lashinda Demus of Long Beach Wilson High School, Long Beach CA set the National High School record in the 300 hurdles at the CIF California State Meet in 2001 at 39.98In 2011, she was the World Champion at 400 hurdles and won the silver medal at the 2012 Olympics.

What is the distance for the womens hurdles?

300 Hurdles means 300 meter hurdles. 300 meters is equivalent to 328.084 yards. Women's hurdles are 30 inches tall (Men's are 36").

How high is a 300 meter hurdle?

The 300m hurdles race is run in high school track and field (once in college the race is 400m hurdles). For the girls' race, the hurdles are 30 inches high - for the boys' race, the hurdles are 36 inches.

Does college have 300 hurdles?

No, college has 400m hurdles instead

Is 12.28 the fourth fastest time 100m hurdles?


What are your times in 300m hurdles?

My time in a 300 m hurdles race is one minute and 10 seconds.

College hurdles scholarship standards?

110 Hurdles: Sub 14.6 300 Hurdles: Sub 39 400 Hurdles: Sub 54 This is for D1 It varies for D2, D3 etc....

What is the measurement for hurdles for girls in high school?

Men's - 110m hurdles are 42 inches high - 400m hurdles are 36 inches high Women's - 100m hurdles are 33 inches high - 400m hurdles are 30 inches high

What is the sport called when you are sprinting while having to clear hurdles of up to 42 inches?

Those races are called the 100 meter hurdles, 300 meter hurdles, the 110 meter hurdles and 400 meter hurdles.

How does the 300m hurdles compare to 400m hurdle i run a 43 flat for 300 and i want to firgure out wat my 400 time might be?

A 43 flat is approximately comparable to a 60 or 61 second 400 hurdle time. I ran a 39 300 and my fastest 400 time was 55. That last 100 in a 400 hurdles really really hurts.

How many heights can hurdles be adjusted to?

Most hurdles can be adjusted to one of the following heights: 30 in., 33 in., 36 in., 39 in., and 42 in. The lowest setting is for women's 300/400 intermediate hurdles with the next setting for women's 100m hurdles. The 36 inch setting is for the 300/400 intermediate hurdles and the 39 inch setting is for high school 110m hurdles. The highest setting is for college 110m hurdles.

How many hurdles are in a standard hurdles race?

In the Womens' 100 Meter Hurdle Race and the Men's 110 Meter Hurdle Race, there are 10 hurdles. In the 300 Meter Hurdle Run, there are 8 hurdles. In the 400 Meter Hurdle Run, there are 10 hurdles.