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The fastest is around a 2.5 home to 1st time

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My kid just did it in 2.7
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Q: What is the fastest base running time in softball?
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What is the fastest time of running the bases in softball?

My 13 year old daughter ran the bases in 13.2 seconds. Is that a good time?

What is the fastest time running from home to first in fast pitch softball?

probably around 2.4 sec or less than that even

What is considered a good time for running from home plate to first base in high school softball?

3 sec

What was the fastest time by a MLB player running to third base?

Quinnton berry, 12 seconds

How and when can you sneak a base in softball?

you can sneak a base in softball when the pitcher throws the ball by running to the next base NOTE: Cannot be done when fully loaded NOTE 2: Be careful! You can gt out if there is a strike or foul and not back to the original base in time, i think

What is a fast running time in softball home to home?

The fastest time rounding the bases in a game of baseball is 13.3 seconds. This record was set by Evar Swanson in 1932.

What are the teaching points of base running in softball?

Base running is definitely a crucial part in softball offense. First of all your running mechanics should be sound. When coming off a hit make sure to have an explosive first step and focus only on first base. When running around bases because of a hit from a teammate make sure to be aware where the ball is and follow your coach all the time

What is a good time from running from home plate to first base in high school softball?

Average time is about 3.2 seconds, good is 2.8 and very good is 2.5.

When is the best time to run from a base to another in softball?

The best time to run from one base to another is when the ball has been hit in the other direction of the base which you are running to or if the ball has been hit by the batter far to center-field on the ground.

What is agood time for running from homeplate after hitting a softball to homeplate in division 1 softball?

prolly about 3 seconds

In softball if at any time a base runner leaves the base can they be tagged out?

yes they can I play High school softball and you can get but if you leave the base before the pitcher releases the ball you are out

What is the fastest running two mile time?


What sport event has the fastest time ever?

probably running

All time fastest girls softball pitch?

1.5 miles per hour. Maybe less.

What is considered a good time for running from home plate to first base in college softball?

Running from Home Plate to First Baseelite major league runners can do from 3.5 to 4.0. an average time would be anywhere from 4.3 to 5.3. i was personally timed the other day at a 3.7 but my best however is a 3.6. the fastest time ever "recoreded" was mickie mantle at 3.1s That may be the times for baseball.Colleges want less than 3 seconds home to first, the closer t 2.5 seconds the better. Keeping in mind the distance is 60' for softball, not 90'.

Was Curtis Dickey a one time NFL fastest man?

he was the fastest, running a 4.2 forty yard dash.

What is science variables?

Variables are the different thing in the experiment. Ex.-Problem-Which ball rolls fastest? Hypothesis-The Softball will roll fastest. Investigation-Roll the balls at the same time and time them with a stopwatch. Conclusion-Basketball rolled the fastest. Variables-The balls.

What was the Fastest time recorded from 1st base to third base?

Dee Gordon 9.9 seconds

Can you steal more than 1 base at a time in girls softball?

Yes, You can steal three bases in fast pitch softball. You can not steal first.

What is the fastest time that rhymes with word?

About a sixteenth of a second, or 0.0625 seconds.

What is the fastest time of running one hundred feet by a person?

1.0 kiomeers

What horse holds the record for running the fastest time at the Belmont Stakes?


What is the record for running a mile?

The fastest time to finish a mile is 4 minutes

What is the fastest 5k time for ages 65-70?

There is no senior record for running

What the fastest time running 5 miles?

22:04 by Alberto Salazar