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the answer is 500m and the middle school was St Kathrine..

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Q: What is the farthest thrown discus for middle school?
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The discus is thrown whereas the shot is?


What does the discus thrower mean to the greek values?

A discus is a very heavy stone that was thrown by men. The discus was an indicator of great strength and heroism.

What is a Round flat object thrown in athletic contests?


Is there a game called Discus in the Olympics?

Yes, the discus is a track and field event. A heavy disc, called a discus is thrown, the longest throw wins the game.

What is the farthest object ever thrown?

a boomerang

In Sport What name is given to the circular disc thrown by athletes?


What are 2 things thrown in the Olympics?

Javalin, discus, hammer and shot putt.

What s the farthest thrown baseball on record?

430 feet

What was the farthest a tennis ball was thrown?

254ft. world record

What ball can be thrown the farthest a baseball football or tennisball?


What ball is thrown farthest football baseball basketball?


What are 2 aero dynamic implements thrown in track and field?

The shot put and discus.

How do you spell discuse?

The likely word is "discuss" (to talk over). The thrown object in the Olympics is a discus.

What is the farthest Michael Vick has ever thrown a football?

16 miles, fact!

What are the two things thrown in the Olympics?

Discus, javelin, shot (shot put), hammer (hammer throw)

What is thrown at the olympic games that weighs 4lb 6oz?

That is the weight (2 kg) of the men's discus.

What is meant by the term discus?

The term discus refers to a heavy disc which is thrown for sport. It is an iconic event for the Olympic Games, first dating back to 708 BC. The discus weighs 2 kilograms for the men's event and 1 kilogram for the women's.

What is the farthest a girl has thrown a ball?

6 feet 3 inches, and what a great toss it was.

Who holds the boys Tennessee state high school record in the discus throw?

No one has ever throw 240 in the discus in Tennessee in fact no one has thrown over 200 feet. The TSSAA state record is held by Brett Collins of Jefferson County. 187-10 in 1987. That record my be broken this year or next several good discus throwers in Tennessee this year.

What are the steps for correctly throwing a high school discus?

There are many steps and it depends on how you want to throw the discus, it can be thrown as a power throw (the front of the ring) a south African (not a real way of throwing but can be used during practice to better technique), and a full spin. Had i had more time i would break it down.

How do you spell disscras?

The likely word is "disgrace" (shame).Similar words are discus (a thrown saucer) and discuss (talk over).

Where is the measurement taken to and from when measuring the distance a discus has been thrown?

from the front of the circle to the first spot the disc touches the ground

Which baseball bat will go the farthest?

A fake plastic bat is nown to be thrown the farthest out of any other bat.It is becayse the plastic bat is the lightes bat of all.

What is the longest discus throw in the 2008 Olympics?

The 2008 Olympics was held in Beijing China. The gold medal for the longest discus was awarded to Gerd Kanter for a throw of 68.82 metres (223.8 feet).

What is a legal throw in discus?

a legal discus throw is when the thrower stays inside the ring when throwing, and the disc stays inside the field when thrown. it can be scratched if the thrower steps outside of the ringwhen throwing or walks out of the front of the ring after throw