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16 miles, fact!

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โˆ™ 2011-02-27 23:29:58
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Q: What is the farthest Michael Vick has ever thrown a football?
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What is the farthest thrown football by a quarterback?

mike vick threw a footbal 88 yards and it left his hands at 65mph

What hand does Michael Vick use?

Michael Vick throws a football with his left hand, but he writes with his right hand.

Did Michael Vick's brother play football?


What hand does Michael Vick throw a football with?


Which football player going jail before football worldcup?

Michael vick?

Where did Michael Vick play college football?

Va. Tech.

What college did Michael Vick play football?

West Virginia

When did Michael Vick start playing football?

20011 b

Who did Michael Vick play for in college football?

Virginia Tech

Why is Michael Vick a famous person?

he's a football player

What is Michael Vick doing now?

playing football now

How do you feel Michael Vick will do as an eagle?

I feel that Michael Vick will do great. He is an amazing football player and the Eagles will only be stronger with him on the offense.

How fast can Michael Vick throw a football?

50-55 MPH

What positions has Michael Vick played in college and pro football?


What Philadelphia Eagles football player kills puppies?

Michael Vick

What high school sports did Michael Vick play?

um... football

Who is the richest American pro football player of all time?

Michael Vick

Did Michael Vick really run a 4.2?

no yes he did get a life and learn about football

What Sports person starts with v?

Michael Vick is a famous football player.

What football team did michael vic go to?

Michael Vick was originally on the falcons, then he got traded to the eagles.

Michael Vick is popular were?

Michael Vick parent are machelle and ben Vick

Who is a better football player Michael Vick or Brett Favre?

Michale Vick is alote better said James VandenburgeBrett favre

Did Michael Vick play pee wee football?

yes i love nfl football so thats how i know

What sports personalities names start with V?

Michael Vick is a famous football player.

What is Michael Vick's middle name?

Michael Dwayne Vick.

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