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An indoor gym, with all the necessary apparatuses and LOTS of mats.

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Q: What is the facility used in gymnastics?
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Faces of gymnastics program?

The faces of the gymnastics program often is the gymnasts. How the gymnasts perform will reflect on the gymnastics facility.

Where is the best gymnastics class in Paris France?

where is the best gymnastics facility in Paris, France

Where is the best gymnastics training facility in the US?


Instrument used in gymnastics?

there are many things used in gymnastics such as ribbons, balls, hula hoops, batons, etc. for rhythmic gymnastics.

Is jump rope gymnastics?

No, but it is used as a warm up and used for fitness training in gymnastics.

What type of gymnastics is the hoop ball club and ribbon used in?

They are used in rhythmic gymnastics.

What muscles are used in the gymnastics crucifix?

|The muscles used in a crucifix in gymnastics are your abs and your forearm muscles

Who began gymnastics?

They first used gymnastics in army training.

Muscles used in gymnastics?

=You use mostly all of your muscles in gymnastics!=

The eguiment used in gymnastics?

The equipment used in gymnastics are balance beam,a springy floor,uneven bars,and vault.

The hoop ball clubs ribbon are all used in what gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics.

What are the fundamental gymnastics position?

The lunge is the most used gymnastics position. It is when you have one foot in front of the other and then lean into the cartwheel, handstand, ariel, etc. It is used from beginning to advanced gymnastics.

How is gravity used in gymnastics?

Gravity is not "used". In gymnastics, gymnasts almost defy-gravity by flipping in the air but have no control of what gravity does.

Which different apparatuses are used in rhythmic gymnastics?

Rope, ball, ribbon, hoop and clubs are the apparatuses that are used in rhythmic gymnastics. In rhythmic gymnastics a person can only use one apparatus at a time.

Different apparatus used in gymnastics?

There are a variety of apparatuses used in gymnastics. Some of these include the rings, the trampoline, the horse, and the uneven bars.

Where can I take my child to gymnastics classes in the Hillsboro, Oregon area?

There's a 12,000 square foot facility located conveniently in Hillsboro called The Gym Nest. They take children from 3-18 and will properly train them in either recreational or competitive gymnastics.

What tools are used in gymnastics?

In gymnastics they use uneven bars,the beam,floor exercise,and the vault

What kind of equipment is used for gymnastics?

Mats, bars, floor, springs, beams, rope, trampoline, table, grips are all used in gymnastics.

What simple machines are used in gymnastics equipment?

a simple incline is used in gymnastics- a "cheese wedge" i think a spring board qualifies as well

Where did gymnastics first originate?

the first gymnastics games originates in Athens Greece,but according to the history the first gymnastics movement were created was in China,they used it as medical gymnastics or KUNG FU and in Egypt as an entertament.

Who had came up with gymnastics?

A Greek man named Friedrich Jahn in the early 1800s, invented gymnastics. Gymnasts used to be naked while doing gymnastics!

The hoop ball clubs and ribbon are used in------------- gymnastics?


What muscles are used in gymnastics?


In what sport is the pommelhorse used?


What sport is flexibility used in?