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Q: What is the earpiece that quarterbacks wear called?
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Is there an earpiece for quarterbacks to call the play from or do they relly on motions?


Tele phoneearpiece called?

The telephone earpiece on a phone is called a headset.

What are the labels of a newspaper called?

I think one is called the earpiece. Not sure what it is tho :L

Which NFL players wear number 54?

Quarterbacks and kickers.

What is in the pouch that quarterbacks wear?

Nothing it's to warm and or dry there hands

Which quarterbacks wear the number 7?

Ben Roethlisberger from the Pittburgh Steelers.

How many quarterbacks in the 2010 nfl season wear the number 7 jersey?


How do you get the EPF Earpiece on Club Penguin?

To get the EPF Earpiece on club penguin you have to do complete one field op mission then you can get it.

What is the role of the earpiece on a telephone?

The earpiece on a telephone is used for listening to the voice of the caller during a phone conversation. It converts electrical signals into sound waves that can be heard by the user. The design of the earpiece is important for delivering clear audio quality to the user.

Does a new cellphone come with a Bluetooth earpiece?

A new cellphone does not come with a Bluetooth earpiece but it can easily be purchased along with your new phone. The earpiece allows for hands free talking which is safe for all those involved.

What was robin gibbs earpiece for?


What is the pack on the lower back rear that college quarterbacks wear?

Its their hands warmer your seeing, which is worn either on the front or rear.