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60 feet

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Q: What is the distant apart for each base in softball?
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How far apart are baseball bases?

Little League diamonds are generally set on base paths 60 feet apart (from the center of each base). While High School, College, and MLB base are set 90 feet apart

What is the diffrence between softball and baseball?

Well, for starters, softball uses a larger ball. You are also not allowed to "steal" bases in slowpitch-softball, but you can in fastpitch softball. Baseball pitchers throw overhand while all softball pitchers pitch underhand. Softball bats' barrels are also slightly larger. The first base in softball is a double-base so the first basemen and the batter don't interfere with each other whereas in baseball there is only a single base. The balls used in baseball, slowpitch and fastpitch are all different. Baseball uses the smallest ball, slowpitch uses 11" balls and fastpitch uses 12" balls.

How many referees for a softball game?

There can be 2 or 3 umpires for each softball game. One umpire stands behind home plate and calls balls and strikes as well as other plays on the field. The other two are the first base umpire and the third base umpire.

A baseball diamond has 90 ft between each base A sofball diamond has 60 ft between each base How many yards longer is the space between bases an a baseball diamond than a softball diamond?

10 yards

How many balls do you get at each bat in softball?


In the game softball how many players are in the infield?

Softball uses the same fielding as baseball, assuming you're talking about high school level and up. Pitcher, catcher, one player at each base plus a shortstop. Three in the outfield for a total of 9.

What is inning in softball?

Same as baseball 3OUTS! for each team

Which sport has ten players on each team?

slowpitch softball

What sports are most similar to each other?

Baseball and softball

How long is earth to Jupiter?

The answer to "how far is Jupiter from Earth" can have a different answer every day of the year. The planets both travel in their elliptical orbits getting closer then farther apart. When Earth and Jupiter are at their closest to each other they are 628,743,036 km apart. At their most distant from each other they are 928,081,020 km apart. In astronomical units the distance varies from 4.2 AU to 6.2 AU.

When does Cal play in the women's super regional softball tournament?

each year in the NCAA Softball year the is the world series CAL might not be included each year!! Sorry

What is the distance from Jupiter to the sun and earth?

Jupiter is 741 million kilometers from the sun (4.95 astronomical units) When earth and Jupiter are the closest to each other, they are 628,743,036 million km apart when they are the most distant from each other, they are 928,081,020 million km apart In astronomical units this varies from 4.2 AU to 6.2 AU

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