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We are able to calculate the distance between bases, pitcher's mound, pitcher's rubber, home plate, catcher's box, batter's boxes, on-deck circles, coach's boxes, foul lines, etc..

However, there are no rules stating where the average fielder should stand. Shortstop is a fielder's position, not a specific boundary on the field, so there is no way to measure this distance.

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Since short stop is not a specific location on the playing field, that is hard to say. But if the bases are 60' apart, I would say it is somewhere around 70' to 80'.

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90 feet, the same between all bases in Baseball. If you mean going around the bases, the shortest distance would be 270 feet, first to second, second to third and third to home.

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Q: What is the distance from short stop to first base in Little League?
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