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Usually between 150 and 175 feet

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90 feet

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Q: What is the distance from second base to the outfield grass?
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How far is second base to first?

The distance between first base and second base is 90 feet.

What base did Babe Ruth touch for luck while running from the outfield between innings?

Second base.

Little league can second baseman play in grass?

If desired, its not illegal. If the Reff says no then don't. But the grass is very close to the base so being on the grass wont matter unless there all the way back where the Fieldmen are. I played second base for 5 years starting in Little League, and I was around 2 feet in the grass between first and second base.

How many players play in the field for the defending team in baseball?

9 players are on the field at all times. Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Short Stop, Third Base, Pitcher, Left Outfield, Center Outfield, Right Outfield.

What is the direct center of the outfield?

draw a line from home plate accross second base to the fence. divide the line from second base to the fence in half.

If the bases are 70 apart the distance from home plate to second base is?

99 feet. You can find the distance between home and second on any baseball or softball field by using the following formula: A squared plus B squared equals C squared. A is the distance between home and first base B is the distance between first base and second base C is the distance between home and second base.

Distance from second base to home on a baseball field?

The distance between every single base in softball is 60 feet. The distance to the pitcher's mound from home is either 40 or 43 feet depending on what level you are playing at. The outfield depth varies from field to field.

Is second base considered scoring position?

Yes. Second and third base are considered scoring position because a runner should be able to score on a single to the outfield.

What were Jackie Robinsons positions in baseball?

Jackie Robinson debuted at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers, playing 151 games at the position in 1947. Throughout his career, he mainly played second base, but he also played third base and the outfield. He won his MVP award at second base in 1949.

What position did Jackie Robinson play for the dodgers?

Robinson played first base in his first year with the Dodgers (1947) and second base between 1948-1952 and outfield, first, second, and third base between 1953-1956.

What is the distance from first to second base at Shea stadium?

90 feet

Which unit of measurement would most likely be used to measure the distance between first and second base?

The distance between first and second base in baseball is typically measured in feet or meters.