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there is not much difference usually people think that they are smaller and are more powerful, which is true, although they can be normally sized

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Q: What is the difference between thumpstar bike and motorcross bike?
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How big is a 90cc pit bike?

a thumpstar is a type of pit bike and its' seat is about 72cm from the ground

How Fast Can A Motorcross Bike Go?

about 70mph

Where can one find information on the 125cc Thumpstar?

There are a number of places one can find more information on the 125cc Thumpstar. Some of the best sites to find information include eBay, Thumper Talk, Dirt Bike World and Pit Bike Club.

Is a crf150f a good bike?

150f is the trail bike where 150r is the motorcross. Trail bike is a good solid bike, as long as you use it for what it's intended, trails. I'm sure it can do some motorocross stuff. If your looking to get into motorcross though, the 150r is better suited.

Where could one buy a Thumpstar pit bike in Canada?

Thumpstar pit bikes are not easy to find in Canada. XP Power Sports carries them though. Sometimes used ones can be found on Kijiji or ebay (Canada).

What is a better dirt bike a Honda or a Yamaha?

honda is a better motorcross bike (250 and 450) and yamaha is a better trail bike

Can you ride a motorcross bike in town if you're on the side of the street or in the bike lane in Colorado?

it depends on if you have it licensed and have insurance on it.

How fast is a motorcross kx 85 dirt bike go?

maybe 60mph

How do you get in motorcross?

You do not have to 'get it' or 'sign up' for motorcross. This is something you do on your own, you just train on your own, and of course you have to have a bike and gear, but you just go to the race and register. That's about it. lol

How fast is a motorcross kx 65 dirt bike go?

about 50-55 mph

How do you get started in motorcross?

buy a bike some gear and check online for local tracks

Where do you upgrade a motorcross bike on dead rising 2?

After defeating Leon, you take what you want to combine to the dirt bike in his trailor and combine it there.