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Stunner lands sitting down, rko is a jump and lands on his back

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โˆ™ 2008-02-13 15:56:14
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Q: What is the difference between the RKO and the Stone Cold Stunner?
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Where does stone cold stunner hert?

Stone cold stunner hurts between your chin and your neck

What are stone cold steave austin's finishers?

Stone Cold Stunner...

What is stone colds finisher?

Stone cold stunner

How do you unlock stone cold in s vs r?

'The Stone Cold Stunner'

What is stone cold steve austin signature move?

The stone cold stunner

SVR 09 create stone cold Steve Austin?

You Need The Stone Cold Stunner

When did Stone Cold Steve Austin first perform the Stone Cold Stunner?

The Stone Cold Stunner is a mocking maneuver that involves laying down and whipping your head at your opponent. This was started by Stone Cold Steve Austin, however the date that he started this is not available online.

Who would win Triple H vs stone cold?

I think stone cold because the stone cold stunner would break his neck (if it was real) Still stone cold

Why did stone cold go to jail?

aparently he beat up his ex wives... gave them the stone cold stunner... just kidding i dont know about that last part

How do you unlock stonecold in svr 2011?

By Beaten Vince McMahon And Stunner Him Then You Will Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin Thanks Jacob ClyMc

How do you hit a stone cold stunner in raw ultimate impact?

when your opponent is groogy press s+d at the same time or a+t i can't remember exactly

Will stone cold come back in 2009?

I hope there is a chance for a Stone Cold comeback!!!!! The Texas Rattlesnake will come back once again, i am sure!!! Because we need his passion in the Ring and his unique brawling skills!!! Stunner for all, because Stone Cold said so....!!! F*** fear, drink beer 3:16 hahahahahaha.....

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