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a t-ball is pretty much like a Baseball small and hard. But a softball is large and harder than a baseball.

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Q: What is the difference between t ball and softball?
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What is the difference between t-ball and softball?

in t ball when you bat you use a tee, which keeps the ball in one spot as you are batting so the ball is not moving but in soft ball there is a pitcher that pitches the ball so it is moving tword you. and sometimes the bases are closer together.

What size softball does 6 and under use?

If this is not T-ball then they should be using an 11inch softball. If it is a t-ball league then they should be using an RIF safety ball (t-ball) anywhere from level 1 to level 5. (level 1 is softest).

How is baseball modified to tee ball?

in base ball the pall is pitched to you and is for boys, the same applies to softball but it is for girls in T-ball you hit a ball off a tee that's the only major difference

Can you use a t ball glove for softball?

Yes, you can use a t ball mitt for softball. Many kids that use to play t ball still use there mitts however if it is getting small, get a softball mitt because the older they get the faster they throw and kids hands could get hurt. Softball mitts have padding in them so it will help protect there hands. There is nothing wrong with waiting!

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What sports need specialised clothing?

cricket hockey soccer baseball softball t-ball

What is the official size ball for little league softball?

t ball-minors--11 inch majors-seniors--12 inch

How can softball be modified?

its called t-ball instead of having a pitcher you hit off of a little stick with a whole on the top so the ball stays.

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What are the ages of kids that play T Ball?

The ages of kids that play t-ball are generally between the ages of 4 to 6 years old. T-ball is a great way for a young person to learn the very basics of baseball.

How many teenage girls play softball?

Supposedly, when starting (age 6). 48% play (t-ball, coach pitch) but as time goes on, it drops to about 29%.

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What should I take to softball?

Most softball players wear long socks, cleats, shorts, and a t shirt. They bring a bat and a softball if one is not provided to them.

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