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there really isn't any (fundamental) difference other than the name.

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Q: What is the difference between sports management and sports administration?
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What is the difference between sports management and traditional business?

both have manegement teams

What is the difference between sports management and sports marketing?

Sports management is when people participate in the business side of sports. While sports marketing is also about the business side of sports, it focuses primarily on marketing or promoting a specific team.

What has the author Lussier And Kimball written?

Lussier And Kimball has written: 'Sport management' -- subject(s): Management, Sports administration, Sports

What Universities in the Midwest offer a degree in sports administration or sports management?

Indiana University, possibly University Michigan

What has the author Marc McLaughlin written?

Marc McLaughlin has written: 'International sports organisations' -- subject(s): Management, Sports administration

What has the author Larry Horine written?

Larry Horine has written: 'Administration of physical education and sport programs' -- subject(s): Management, School sports, Sports administration, Physical education and training

Why should a physical education student do a course in sport administration and management?

Well if you are doing physical education u should do a corse in sports administration and management because ur in the physical area and sports are probably the thing that calls for you to have the most physical ability

What has the author Bob Laventure written?

Bob Laventure has written: 'Starting a junior section' -- subject(s): Sports for children, Management, Sports administration

What has the author Richard F Mull written?

Richard F. Mull has written: 'Recreation facility management' -- subject(s): Management, Recreation centers, Sports facilities 'Recreational sport management' -- subject(s): Management, Recreation, Recreation leadership, Sports administration

What is difference between sports management and sports administration?

Gonzaga's programs are quite different. The Sport Management major is only for a Bachelor in Education. I'm not sure why they'd teach this through the education school, but I guess this would be fitting for aspiring athletic directors? The Sport Administration is actually a major for a Master degree. But that's Gonzaga. As for different schools calling majors different things, I don't think that there is much difference. In my home state, GA Tech offers a "Management" degree with various concentrations. GA State offers a Bachelor of Business "Administration" with separate majors. The terminology of the majors and degrees are different like your "administration" vs. "management," but the course requirements are about 95% the same. So if you need to compare two bachelor programs at two separate schools, you can probably click through their websites and find the course requirements for each and compare them.

Is there any need for administration in sports?

Yes, Sport Administration is a field of study that encompasses a broad range of services. Any sanctioned or organized sport needs to be managed. Weather that be promotion/marketing, finances, managment, coaching, etc. Sports administration is just the management of the business of sports. It is very nessecary.

What jobs can you get with an associate's degree in sports management?

You can work in a fitness center of a gym. You may also become a physical trainer or work with a sports team's administration.

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