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Sports has to do with athletics and sporting is a form of advertisement.

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Q: What is the difference between sports and sporting?
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Where can trail running shoes be purchased?

There is a big difference between walking on the street and hiking in the woods. Most of your major sporting goods stores, such as Academy Sports or Dick's Sporting Goods, carry these types of shoes.

What is the difference between sports handicappers and sports handicapping?

Sports handicappers are the persons that create the handicaps for a sporting or other event. Sometimes their predictions are true, sometimes they are not. Sports handicapping is the term that applies to what these individuals actually due. The goal is to predict who will win or lose.

What is the difference between the A and B sporting events?

The 'A' sporting events are a higher class than the 'B' sporting events. Sporting is a lot more competitive and there are more skilled competitors in the 'A'

Which online store is best to buy sporting goods?

# Dicks Sporting Goods # Fans Edge # Kibi Sports # Sports Authority # MC Sports

What is the difference between sports south and fox sports south?

There really is no difference except the number and whats playin.

What is the difference between a sporting shotgun and a field gun?

wood, finish, stock dimensions

What is the difference between you do and you play in sports?

I do track and field

What are the difference between swimming and land sports?


What is the difference between physical education and sports?

Sports, you have lots of them. Cricket is a sport but PE is playing sports

What is the difference between sports management and sports administration?

there really isn't any (fundamental) difference other than the name.

What is sporting spirit?

Having pride for sports

Is sports a verb?

noun "sporting" is a verb

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