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One is thrown slow and the other is thrown fast.

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slow pitch ball is harder

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Q: What is the difference between slow pitch softballs and fast pitch softballs?
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Are there different kinds of softballs?

Yes, there are two (fast-pitch and slow-pitch).

How fast do 13 year old girls pitch softballs?

Honestly, It depends on the girl. Some don't even pitch 40, while others pitch nearly 60.

How fast does a softballs leave the bat?

up to 110 mph depending on the bat. Softballs come off of composite bats a lot faster than they come of of aluminum bats.

Why are softballs called softballs when there not even soft?

Ball is hard on outside,but the core is soft,not allowing it to travel as far and fast as a baseball,hence the name Softball.

What is the difference in running the basis in slow pitch vs fast pitch softball?

Well, apples=D

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What is the difference between a -10 and a -8 fast pitch bat?

The difference between these bats is the difference between the ratio of their weights and lengths. An example of a drop 10 bat you be on that is 33 inches in length and 23 ounces. A drop 8 bat would be 33 inches long, but weigh 25 ounces. Drop describes the ration between weight and length.

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Distance between bases in fast pitch softball 12u?

60 feet