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Mens Lacrosse heads have pockets so that when you get hit its easier to hold the ball, but because women lacrosse is a none contact sport there is no pocket and cradling is different.

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2009-05-05 22:22:54
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Q: What is the difference between mens and womens lacrosse heads?
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What is the difference between box lacrosse heads and regular lacrosse heads?

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What is the difference between the x10 and the xcalibur lacrosse heads?

The x10 is the newer version of the xcalibur the x10 is 10% stiffer then the xcalibur.

Is there a difference between a boy and girl lacrosse stick heads?

Yes the boys head is thicker and has a much deeper pocket

What is the difference in lacrosse heads?

The netting, size, pinch, and durability of the frame.

Lacrosse heads difference between the defender and the offeneder?

Lacrosse heads for defense tend to be wider and easier to catch with, offensive heads tend to be narrower so that the ball stays in when being hit and cradling more often. It also helps with shooting in some situations for offensive heads to be narrower.

Do stx lacrosse heads fit on brine shafts?

Stx lacrosse heads DO fit on brine shafts.

What is the difference between white heads and black heads?

Grace Author

What Type of plastic in lacrosse heads?


Can women use guys lacrosse heads?


Where can you buy lacrosse heads?

Lacrosse monkey provides a wide range of lacrosse heads. The products are of high standard for a product sold at a standard retail price. eBay provides many second hand heads in mint condition for a cheap price.

Is the Reebok 10k shaft compatible with other lacrosse heads?

Almost all lacrosse heads are compatible with other shafts, so that you can mix and match them.

Are real lacrosse stick heads bigger than fiddle stick heads?


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