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games are for fun only like tumbang preso, while the sports are for battles like Olympics.... lol

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โˆ™ 2010-09-01 10:12:43
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Q: What is the difference between game and sports?
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What is the difference between sport and game?

In sports there are rules in games you can shag

What is the difference between athletic sports and sports-type game?

Define "sports-type" games and I probably will be able to answer your question more accurately..

What is difference between playing sports and watching sports?

Playing Sports is giving the exercise and fulfilling a enjoyable activity Watching Sports is actually the same thing, your in the action, imagining yourself in that game, but you not moving. So the action part is really the difference.

What is the difference between spots and game?

wheather the spelling of the word 'sports' is right or what.It must be sports .The menings of those words is more or less same .the only difference is sports is the authorised maens of playing and games is the unauthorised maens of playing.

What is the difference between sports south and fox sports south?

There really is no difference except the number and whats playin.

What is the difference between a normal Wii and a Red Wii?

Well, there is a color difference. And the normal Wii comes with Wii Sports only. (May vary because some come with Wii Sports Resort) but the Red Wii comes with a Mario game and Wii Sports.

What is the difference between sports and game?

Games include sports, but also include such things as board games, verbal games, and various other types of games which do not include the kind of physical activity which is associated with sports.

What is the difference between you do and you play in sports?

I do track and field

What are the difference between swimming and land sports?


What is the difference between sports management and sports administration?

there really isn't any (fundamental) difference other than the name.

The difference between sports and music?

Sports are physical activities and music is something that you just listen to

What is the difference between sports and sporting?

Sports has to do with athletics and sporting is a form of advertisement.

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