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Q: What is the difference between boxing gloves and ufc gloves?
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Which is more dangerous boxing or UFC?

ufc becaue in ufc there is mixed but in boxing there isnt.

What kind of gloves work for boxing and Tae Kwon Do?

ahh good Q there are types of gloves that are for boxing and others are used for other sports like UFC and MMA. You can just go on the title website or everlast website that's what i do. boxers normally use like 12, 14, 16, and 18 oz gloves. UFC and MMA normally use 8 oz gloves.

What weight gloves used in UFC?

4 oz gloves

Where could one purchase authentic UFC gloves?

If one is looking to purchase authentic UFC gloves the best option for selection and authenticity would be directly from the UFC store website. These gloves are also available from Amazon and Ebay.

What is the difference between boxing and UFC fighting?

In boxing only punches are allowed. Fighters are allowed to punch their opponents in the body or the face whereas UFC is a whole different sport. UFC is Mixed Martial Arts where fighters can kick one another, punch one another, grapple (Wrestle) and even apply submission moves on one another. Boxing is a part of UFC Fights but it also includes a lot of other different fighting techniques like Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling etc.

Is bare knuckle boxing safer than modern day boxing?

I doubt it, there is a much higher chance of breaking something in either your hand or someone else body without boxing gloves on, because of all the extra padding on them. But there is more surface area when using gloves, so you could create pain in more area on a body from using gloves. This is also why UFC fighters bleed a lot more than boxers, there is way less padding in their gloves.

What sport has the most violence in it?

boxing, wrestling, UFC.

What to get guys who are into UFC for Christmas?

Maybe some UFC clothes, gloves, or pay-per-view.

Where in New York City can you watch boxing?

Southern Hospitality shows a lot of boxing and UFC.

Why does the sport boxing has declined in popularity and entertainment value?


How much do the UFC gloves weigh?

4-6 ounces

What is the difference between mma and UFC?

MMA is mixed martial arts and is a sport. UFC is a organization for the sport. It is not the only one. Think football = mma, NFL = UFC.

What is the difference between UFC and K1?

k1 has only stiking and prodominently has only kickboxing, muay thai tecniques ufc is no holes barred

What is the difference between how the UFC Title Belts look?

they all look the same the only difference is the weight divsion

Why do ufc fighters keep touching gloves while fighting?

It represents shaking hands, which they can't do with the gloves on. It is a sign of respect.

What types of moves are there in UFC?

Anything, ju-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, etc...

What is the clothing the UFC fighters wear?

Fight shorts, gloves, mouthpieces, and cups.

How tall are UFC gloves?

they differ in hand size come in small, medium, large, brock wears double XL gloves

What fighting style does Anderson Silva use in UFC?

He uses Muay Thai boxing,

What is the difference between UFC mma strikeforce?

Ufc and Strikeforce are Mixed Martial Arts fighting league.MMA is a style of fighting that incorprates many differint fighting styles.

How has boxing evolved?

Boxing has evolved now, before boxing was a big thing, you could only use your hands, weight and power. Now it has had alot of interest lost, beucase of ufc. UFC is the new generation of boxing, it is mixed martial arts, you can box, kick box, karate, any fighting style there is you can use it. except for wepon fighting.

How old do you have to be to fight in UFC?

Since the UFC, like boxing is sanctioned by athletic commissions now, you have to look at state by state rulings. It's usually 18.

Which are the most exciting sporting events to watch?

NASCAR, NFL football, WWE, Boxing, UFC!

Who gets more money UFC fighters or boxers?

Because boxing is a sport wich u need talent and skill while ufc is streetfighting and only need to be white trash to be a ufc fighter. I mean comon ufc is for poor people who are ignorant

Is Anderson Silva switching to boxing in 2010?

No. Considering this is 2011 and he is still in the UFC to date then i'd say it's safe to assume that he has not switched to boxing in 2010