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the difference is authentic jerseys have sewn on names and numbers.It also has only a nba logo on the shoulder.The replicas are screen printed names and numbers. It also has a nba logo but it has a company logo too(such as reebok,nike,reebok,etc.)


Another Way Is The only Brand That Makes Nba Jerseys Is Adidas.

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Q: What is the difference between an authentic basketball jersey and a replica jersey?
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What is the difference between authentic and replica?

Authentic is original and real. Replica is a copy of something(not real).

How can you tell the difference between a replica football jersey and authentic jersey?

A replica football jersey has printed lettering and a authentic football jersey has stitched lettering.

What is the difference between an official game basketball and a replica basketball?

a real basketball has much more grip than a replica and cost more to.

What is the difference between a replica and authentic Chanel watch?

Material, warranty, logo and quality are very different.

Whats the size difference between authentic and replica jerseys?

Authentic jerseys are made to the exact specifications of real Game used jerseys. Replica jerseys are similar, but not as detailed. See the 'jersey glossary' below.

What is the difference between an authentic baseball cap and a replica cap?

the difference is that one is more advanced for people who want to spend money the other is for people who want it for fun

What is the difference between a commemorative belt and a replica belt?

A Commemorative belt is the same size as the original but its made of plastic. The Replica Belt is also the same size but its made of metal, so its more authentic.

What is the difference between a replica and a relic?

A relic is the actual source and a replica is a model of it.

What is the difference between an authentic watch and a replica watch?

A replica watch is a counterfeit copy of a genuine watch. Replica watches try to emulate the appearance and functionality of the watch model they try to emulate by using illegally manufactured parts while representing the clone as the authentic watch. Most replica watches are made in Asia using high tech CNC machinery capable in some cases of an amazing level of fidelity. In some cases these counterfeits are so accurate that they are difficult to detect without experience.

What is the difference between a Stratocaster and Stratocaster replica?

A Strat Replica is a replica of an older stratocaster. A Strat is a new version of the old Stratocasters. They are basically the same...

Is it illegal to buy designer replica handbags in the us?

No however it is illegal to sell or misrepresent replica handbags as authentic.

How can you tell the difference between a 1890 silver dollar and the replica?

Replica coins are required to have the word "COPY" stamped on them somewhere.

Do authentic baseball jerseys fit the same as replica jerseys?


How can you tell the difference between an original Colt Dragoon and a replica?

Experience and books.

What is the difference between a replica football helmet and a authentic football helmet?

There are several big differences between an authentic helmet and a replica. The main issue is logically the quality of materials. Helmet: High strength polycarbonate vs. less durable ABS plastic (Also not completely round like the regulation helmets). The authentic helmets also allow for shining and polishing. The ABS plastic is not as lustrous in finish. Facemask: Steel dipped in vinyl vs. plastic dipped in vinyl Padding: Regulation air-chambered pads vs. plastic coated foam Chin-strap: 4-point vs. 2-point Logos: Generally a tad bit smaller on the replica versions. All in all, the visual difference is not extreme, but the true fan will notice the difference, so my advice would be to spend the extra $100, and get the real deal.

What are the benefits of replica watches?

Spend little money, change more new style,research the structure of them. The important is the like to them.In addition, it makes it possible for some watch enthusiasts to have their own watch collections while don't have to worry about the budget. And nowadays, as the development of replica watches, there are more and more high end replica watches can be availble, even the expert can't tell the difference between a high end replica watch and the authentic one.

What is the difference between replica handbags and designer handbags?

A replica handbag is just a knock-off of a designer handbag. It is not authentic and is normally much cheaper than the actually designer handbag version. A good idea would be to contact the designer/showroom of a bag you plan on purchasing and ask if they are allowed to sell their brand to verify its authenticity.

What is the difference between a replica and an original 9mm gun?

A collector would want the original. Sometimes (Most) the original is worth more than the replica.

What is the difference between a supporter rugby ball and a replica rugby ball?


Where is a safe site online to purchase the replica watch?

Replica watches often look decent enough and the average passerby won't know the difference. The material, however, is most often much lesser quality and the watch does not last as long as an authentic version.

What is the difference between a Swiss Replica Rolex and an Italian Replica Rolex?

The different .the Swiss replica rolex is made the Swiss movement like 2824 ,2836,2892 movement .and the Italian replica rolex will use these movement too, but the different is the card and paper .

Do the replica basketball jerseys have air vents?

Sure do.

Where can you buy an Authentic Replica Of The Amazing Spider-Man Costume?

Try Ebay

What is the difference between an edge nhl jersey and a replica jersey?

The Reebok Edge jerseys are meant for play. Replicas are not meant for play Look up replica in a dictionary

How can you tell the difference between a replica Morgan dollar and an original Morgan dollar?

All replica coins sold in the USA are required to be marked with the word "COPY" in a conspicuous location on the coin. If a replica does not have the word "COPY", then it is a counterfeit.

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