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An amateur practices the sport until they gets it right, a professional practices it until they never get it wrong.

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Q: What is the difference between amateurs and professionals in sport?
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A amateur has less experience and is not as good as a pro While this is a good description of the meaning of the words "amateur" and "professional," but in sports it's often a matter of whether or not the player is getting paid for participating in the sport. It used to be that professional sports players could not play in the Olympics, only amateurs. College basketball players would be amateurs, NBA and WNBA players are professionals. It was felt that some countries' amateurs (primarily capitalist countries) were at a disadvantage to players whose countries (primarily communist countries) supported amateurs. In 1986 this changed, some sports allow professionals. It's up to the International Olympic Committee. see the forum for the pbs newshour for the july96/olympics_7-23.html

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