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amateur is a better category

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Q: What is the difference between amateur and pro sport?
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What is the difference between a Pro and Amateur Skateboarder?

Amateurs are competing in competions to try to go pro that is the difference.

What are the prominent rule's regulations and legislation's associated with sport?

In pro sports Anti-Trust legislation. In amateur sports Title IX.

What is the difference between pro and con euthanais?

the difference between a pro and a con is that a pro is the good thing and a con is the bad thing about htte problem.

Was Edmond Halley pro or amateur?

A pro or amateur what? He was a pro at figuring out comets and their orbits. He also has a bunch of stuff named after him, including the famous comet of all.

Is lacrosse a pro sport?

lacrosse is a pro sport.

What is the opposite of pro?

Noob Amateur or con

Who is best bike between TVs sport and hero splendor pro?

tvs sport is best bike

Will the highest placed pro golfer receive the title of a tournament won by an amateur?

If the competition is an open the champion would be the winning score amateur or pro. However some competitions have pros as the winner and runners up and an amateur as the winning amateur.

What is a golf amateur?

someone who hasn't gone to a Pro Golf Management school to become a pro or someone who hasn't gone to Q school to get their tour card....bacically if your not a pro your an amateur

How do you get a career in sports?

become very good at a sport and rise to the highest amateur levels, and if you really are good enough then you will be noticed and sponsored and turn pro eventually.

What is the difference between a program and a procces?

the letters after pro

Do they add the pro and amateur scores at the pebble beach pro am?

The team score for the pro-am is based on a net best ball format. Each hole's score is the better of the pro's gross score and the net score of the amateur.

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