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wideout is slang for wide receiver

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Q: What is the difference between a wideout and wide receiver in the NFL?
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If your a wideout what sport and what position are you playing?

football and wide receiver

What is the difference between the slot receiver and the wide receiver?

What is the difference between a slot receiver and a tight end

What position in football is SE short for?

A player position on offense. A receiver who lines up on the line of scrimmage, several yards outside the offensive linemen. The term is no longer used in American Football, having been long since replaced by the wide receiver or wideout, with no distinction between whether the receiver is on the line or not.

Is Desean Jackson a wide receiver?

Yes, he is a wide receiver.

What is a wide out in football?

A wide out is another name for a wide receiver. A wide receiver lines up on offense and can either be out close to the side lines or in between another receiver and the offensive line, this is known as the "slot". A receiver runs and tries to get into an open area of the field so the Quarterback and throw him the football.

Who makes more money wide receiver or running back?

Wide receiver

When was Wide Receiver - song - created?

Wide Receiver - song - was created in 1980.

Is the tight end an eligible receiver if he is covered by a wide receiver?

A tight end and a wide receiver are both on offense, therefore a wide receiver would not be covering a tight end.

Most touchdown passes between quarterback and wide receiver?

Manning to Harrison

Can a rugby winger be a wide recevier?

Yes they can because wingers have to be fast and agile much like a wide receiver wingers also have to be able to catch ball much like a wide receiver the switch as far as I can see wouldn't be that difference

What is the difference between a tight end and a wide receiver?

A tight end lines up within the two yard zone at the end of the offensive line. The tight end normally is comparable in size to an offensive lineman but is an eligible pass receiver. In contrast, a wide receiver can be a split end or a wing back (depending on if he lines down on the line of scrimmage or not. A wide receiver is normally tall and skinny in comparison to an offensive lineman and is normally very fast.

When was Tony Johnson - wide receiver - born?

Tony Johnson - wide receiver - was born in 1982.

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