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It's important to understand that there is a difference between wetsuits made for swimming, like triathlon wetsuits, and those made for other purposes, like Scuba diving and Surfing. Triathlon wetsuits allow the shoulders to move freely, facilitating the swim stroke, and are thinner than other types to stay within rules for the amount of buoyancy they provide.

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Q: What is the difference between a surfing wetsuit and a triathlon wetsuit?
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What is the difference between a diving wetsuit and a surfing wetsuit?


Has anyone used a triathlon wetsuit for surfing In other words is the tri wetsuit felxible enough to use as a surfing wetsuit?

A triathlon wetsuit should not be used for surfing due to the fragile coating on the outside of the suit. The abrasive surface of the surfboard will damage the wetsuit ruining the coating and possibly tearing the suit.

What is the difference between a wetsuit for scuba diving surfing and kitesurfing?

A wetsuit for scuba diving is 10x thicker than any other wetsuits in order to conserve heat deep underwater. Surfing and kite surfing suits are generally thinner and more flexible than scuba diving wetsuits.

Where is a good place to go wetsuit surfing?

There are many places to go wetsuit surfing. The best would be in California, specifically in Newport Beach or in San Diego. One can also go wetsuit surfing in Hawaii.

What do you need for surfing?


Where can I find a good triathlon wetsuit for a teenager?

A great place for you to find a good triathlon wetsuit is They have great wetsuits for seventy percent off! These wetsuits will fit your style for quite a while

Do you need a wetsuit for surfing?

no but it is good to wear one

Without damaging your wetsuit can you use a thick windsurfing board with no waxing required top for beginner surfing?

why would any board damage your wetsuit...huh?

Why do you need a wetsuit for surfing?

You don't always need a wetsuit, it is just in winter or cold countries you would wear one. It is too cold even unbearable without one so that's why you would need a wetsuit!

What kinds of products does Wetsuit Warehouse sell?

Wetsuit Warehouse has many products for men, women and children. Some of their products would be for surf, scuba, triathlon and wake & sea suits. Wetsuit Warehouse also has a number of custom fit wetsuits to choose from.

Where can I purchase triathalon wetsuits?

Triathlon wet suits can be purchased at some local sporting good stores. A better place to look for a triathlon wetsuit would be on an online store that specializes in triathlons.

In what situations is an Orca wetsuit used?

An Orca wetsuit is used for swimming, mainly in triathlon tournaments and competitions. It is for both men and women and aids in swimming, allowing the user to swim faster and more efficiently.

What are two stores that sell at least one type of triathlon wetsuit?

Triathlon wetsuits are specially made for the various demands of the sport, and are often found in specialty shops catering to triathletes. Two good places to find triathlon wetsuits are All3Sports and One Tri.

What does surfing involve?

Surfing involves getting a board, shorts or wetsuit and heading out into the ocean to practice standing up on and manoeuvring the board on moving waves.Thats all!

What equipment do you need to compete in a Triathlon?

To comete in a triathlon you will need, a wetsuit, tri suit, trainers, a bike, cycling hat and a swimming cap/hat.Hope this helps :)

What is the cutoff temp of water between a wetsuit swim and a non wetsuit swim in a triathlon?

it is normally different from event to event and what there rules and regulation say but normally it is 18 degrees Celsius in the uk, it has been at all my events in the uk anyway. you would normally get an emails or text message the day on the event of before state the temp of the water

What is the most durable brand of wetsuits for use in a triathlon?

The most durable brand of wetsuit for use in a triathlon is either Blue Seventy, or Neosport. Most triathlon swimmers use these brands as they are cut at the calf for flexibility, have sealed seams, and use a special material to help you swim with less resistance. You can find these brands at

What do you wear under your wetsuit for surfing?

I would suggest NOT wearing your swimsuit on under your wetsuit. It will bunch up and leave you in a world of discomfort. Instead wear a spandex like short under your wetsuit - i prefer Helo shorts (it's a brand). Then wear your boardshorts on OVER your actual suit. At least that's how we do it when Kiteboarding in MI.

What equipment do you need for surfing?

Normal surfing A board Good waves Wetsuit or board shorts Board wax Body boarding Bodyboard Wetsuit or board shorts Flippers Good waves

What sports require the use of a wetsuit?

Wetsuits can be used in a variety of sports and activities. These include; diving, deep sea diving, surfing, body surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, white water rafting, and many other water sports.

Who invented the wetsuit?

Marcus A. Wetsuit

Where can a person purchase rash guards for surfing?

Rash guards used in surfing can be purchased from both shops and online retailers that specialize in surfing equipment. Rash guards are an important accessory to own when surfing as they give extra protection against harmful UV rays and protect your skin from board rash. They are worn as an extra layer to a wetsuit, but can also be worn individually.

What kind of surf wear is most practical?

Surf wear varies with the individual surfer and the environment as well as experience. Some basic surf wear should include: the board, a wetsuit, and a tether in some cases to ensure you do not lose the board.

Why do divers stay warm in cold water by wearing a wetsuit water is trapped between the rubber suit and divers skin?

The cold cant get through the wetsuit

Where can one buy a wet suit online?

A wetsuit can be purchased online at WetsuitWarehouse, Surfing-waves, WaterOutfitters, SwimOutlet, LeisurePro, L.L. Bean, Sunnysports, and even at Amazon.

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