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They are the same thing, just different ways of calling it. Players will most likely call them Markers because that is their proper name. But gun works either way. The creation of the term marker was designed to indicate that a paintball marker is not designed to be a weapon.

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Nothing. A paintball gun is referred to as a marker so as not to convey a message that paintball is dangerous or markers are weapons.

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Airsoft uses a plastic pellet. Paintball uses a ball field with paint.

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Q: What is the difference between a paint ball gun and a marker gun?
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Is a marker another word for a gun?

yes in paint ball they call it marker but it really is just a paint ball gun

What is the difference between a marker and a paint ball gun?

They are the same thing. "marker"is the preferred term used when talking to non-paint ballers. It is just a better way to speak in public so people don't give you weird looks or think of paintball as overly militaristic. At paintball fields either term is fine, though older players will probably correct you.

Where do you get parts for the Rex r1 paint ball marker?

Since this marker is so old, the only place to get one would be online.

Best starter paint ball marker for tournament paint ball?

Spyder Pilot ACS is a good gun for Under $100 avilable @ Wal Mart and online

What kind of shows are shown on Bravo One?

Bravo One is a tactical gun paint marker used in Paintball fights or games. One can see the videos at Youtube and one can purchase the guns at Canada Paint Ball, eBay, Badland Paint Ball, Paint Ball Gear and Tippmann.

How old do you have to be to own a paint ball gun in Pennsylvania?

there is no age limit on owning a marker BUT you must be 18 to purchase them

What is the difference between paintball bullets and pellets?

Bullets and pellets are both terms for the actual paint ball. Bullet is incorrect, but pellet does mean "small ball."

What hopper elbow would fit on your BT Iron Horse Paint-ball Marker?

Only spyder threaded ones would work

Can a cybridn paint ball gun run on compressed air?

yes, but theres no point buying a nice air tank that costs more then the marker.

What is the location of the marker on 8 ball billiard game?

The marker is placed by the player when the object ball is the 8 ball under APA Rules. There is no location prior to the player placing the marker, as it is typically in their pocket.

What is the difference between cue balls and billards balls?

There is no difference between the cue ball and billiard ball except that the cue ball is white and without significant markings.

What is more accuarate a 300 fps airsoft gun shooting plastic BBs or the average paintball gun?

It depends on the grade of your paint, and how good your paintball marker is. Paintballs will almost never get ball on ball accuracy.