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== == A shortboard while more difficult to stand up on is easier to maneuver. A longboard, also known as a Malibu, is easier to stand up on, making it better for certain conditions and types of Surfing, they are usually nine to ten feel long with one to three fins. Their size can make them harder to get past the breaking waves than shortboards but they are still a better alternative for beginners due to the comparative ease of use. Both shortboards and longboards come in a variety of styles but the defining difference is usually size and to a lesser extent, the number of fins, as shortboards often have two, three or even four or five fins to make it easier to do tricks and such. There is a size in between these two boards called a "Minimal", which usually is around 7 feel long and the same shape as a longboard, these are aimed at being good beginner boards and are a balance of being short enough to easily get out past the break while being long enough for inexperienced users to stand up. Longboards have also existed much longer than shortboards, and were used as long as 250 years ago and probably longer by the Polynesians.

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On a shortboard, the surfer will be able to do airs and preform tighter turns to throw more spray. A shortboard will have a tighter turning radius. On a longboard, one will have better control and stability.

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NO its not

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Q: What is the difference between a long board and short board in surfing?
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