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a carry is when you run into the ball and it goes with you as you slow down and a lift is when you just lift up the ball.......

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Q: What is the difference between a lift and a carry in volleyball?
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Can a volleyball player hold or lift or carry the ball?


What is the difference between lift and carry?

To lift something is merely to raise it up. To carry is to bear it up over some distance.

What is the difference between lift and crane?

Both lifts and cranes are used for same purpose, which is load lifting. The difference between lift and crane is the way they lift load. Lifts carry weights from the bottom and move upwards while cranes pull weights from bottom to top.

What is the difference between elevator lift and crane lift?

The way they lift the load.

How do women feel about lift and carry?

There may be varying opinions between women concerning lift and carry. Individual opinions will depend on each women's experiences with lift and carry.

In volleyball what is a carry and what happens when someone carry football?

a carry or lift is called when the ball remains in contact with a player for too long. (determined by the official) most often occurs on a set.

A foul in volleyball such as a lift?

Okay, there are about 3 fouls in volleyball: # A carry: when you preform a set, but your arms and palms are facing towards the ceiling. # When your body touches the net # When your foot crosses the serving line

If you hold onto a set too long in volleyball what is it called?

It can either be called a lift or a carry. Sometimes if the ref thinks that you touched the ball twice in that split second they will hold up two fingers and that basically means a lift or a carry.

What is the difference between the weight of the fork lift and a car?

Depends on the fork lift and the car.

What is the meaning of holding in volleyball?

Holding is a football term, not volleyball. The volleyball equivalent of a holding is a lift, which is when you lift the ball up or push it away instead of bumping, setting, blocking, or attacking.

Difference between heavy lift surcharge and long lift surcharge?

The difference between heavy lift surcharge and long lift surcharge is the size of the cargo. Long lift surcharges are applied when the length of the cargo exceed the rules. Heavy lift surcharge is when the weight of the cargo exceeds the going rate.

What is the difference between a suspension lift and a body lift?

one lifts the suspension and one lifts the body

What is the difference between lift and escalator?

The escalator is moving stairs and the lift is the box that goes up and down.

What are the fouls for volleyball?

Volleyball does not have fouls although there is a lift and a foot fault which could be considered fouls.

What's the difference between a fork lift and a material lift?

A forklift will lift up to ten thousand pounds. A material lift is smaller and will only lift about five hundred pounds. There also a price difference if you know which one you need and want.

What is the Difference between an elevator and a lift?

It has exactly the came meaning but lift it's used in UK and elevator in USA.

What is the price difference between a conventional Chevy truck and a lifted one?

The price difference between a conventional truck and one with a lift is an estimated $4000 difference. The $4000 includes the lift for the truck as well as the wheels that are needed to go with it.

What is the difference between high-lift cam and low-lift cam?

A high lift cam lifts an engine valve by a higher amount than a low lift cam.

What is the difference between a head tilt-chin lift and a jaw thrust?

difference between jaw thrust method and head tilt chin lift method ? which method is suitable for a patient with head or spinal injury

What is lift?

Lift is the upward force resulting from the difference in the pressure between the upper and lower surfaces of a wing. Lift is to pick up and move to a different position.

How much can an Bear lift?

It can lift about 500lb (ex.rep,bench,and carry)

What is the difference between a spiritual and a gospel?

The main difference is the origin of the song. Spirituals originated from the slaves sung to lift their spirits.

What is the deference between lift and left?

I presume you mean the difference between Lift and Left . . . . Lift means to raise something (as in picking up a box from the floor) Left is the opposite to right (right hand / Left hand)

A term used to describe an illegal hit by hitting the ball underhand with open hands in volleyball is called a?


What is the difference between a helicopter creating lift and anairplane creating lift?

the difference between an helicopter creating lift and an airplane creating lift is simple. an airplane creates lift by moving forward and its wing that has an aerofoil shaped will create lift. this gives the lift for the airplane and to fly. for helicopters, instead of the aerofoil is fix like an airplane, the aerofoil wing is rotating and create lift. that is why the helicopter does not need to move forward to gain momentum to create lift. by rotating the aerofoil (the blade) the helicopter can creates enough lift to lift up the helicopter.and that's how it fly..