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I have no idea what you mean by "gear bike", so the question can't be answered.

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Q: What is the difference between a gear bike and a mountain bike?
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How do you do a wheeler on a gear bike?

Pick a gear that gives you the right ratio, then go for it. No difference than from a single-speed bike.

Is mountain an adjective?

The word mountain can be used as an adjective. You might have a mountain bike, or mountain gear, or you might hike a mountain pass or trail.

Gears on a mountain bike?

No one gear is all you need, go singlespeed :)

Is there a difference between a track bike and a fixed gear bike?

Well, a track bike is a bike dedicated for use on a velodrome. It has a fixed gear, no brakes, often a steel drop bar and some other features. But with a but of determination you can stick a fixed gear rear wheel in any kind of bike. The wouldn't make it a track bike, but would make it a fixie. If you want to be hard core in your fixie riding, the "purest" is of course to ride a track bike in traffic too.

What is the difference between all mountain and cross country mountain bikes?

An AM bike is basically a cross between a XC and a DH MTB. Usually full suspension and long enough travel to take some fairly serious drops and jumps, but still light enough and with a gear ratio and a ride position that'll make it somewhat useful on the flat and during climbs. An AM bike is the best bike if you want to ride to the top, and do a decent descent. An XC bike will climb far better, but would suffer on the way down. The DH bike would be a pain to climb with, but be the best for the run down.

What are some of the kinds of articles that one can read in Bike Magazine?

Bike Magazines articles consist of news, pictures, and guides about mountain biking and mountain biking gear. One can also find this information on their website.

What is the Difference between pulley and a gear?

what is

What is the difference between a gear pump and a gear motor?


What is the difference between a driver gear and a driven gear?

The driver gear has the input torque, and the driven gear has the output torque.

Is there any difference between ATA sparring gear and WTF sparring gear?

Sparring gear is universal.

Where can you buy mountain bike shoes?

One can buy mountain bike shoes anywhere athletic gear is sold, such as Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. One would also do well to check Erik's Bike Shop and Penn Cycle, as those are shops devoted to bicycling.

What is the difference between a gear and brake?

A brake shows the car/bike down until it comes to a hult/stop. A gear changes the speed the engine works at depending on what type of road you are driving on and the speed limits. If you are asking about a bike then the gear's change the speed at which you pedal at, gear 7 on a bike makes you pedal slower but you have to push harder down on the pedals, however gear 1 on a bike makes you have to pedal faster and more genitally on the pedals, - both gears really work your muscles... so if you have a bike with gears up to 7 stay on 3 or 4! Gear box = what you use to change the gears on a car. Handle bar = what you use to change the gears on a bike.

When did Top Gear Hyper Bike happen?

Top Gear Hyper Bike happened in 2000.

What is the difference between Camping equipment and Camping gear?

gear is a slang work for equipment

What is the difference between Game Gear and Master System?

The difference between the Game Gear and Master System is the fact that the Game Gear runs off batteries and the Master System contains a central processing unit.

Putting a new chain on a mountain bike where is first gear?

First gear on a bicycle with external/derailer gears is with the chain on the smallest chainwheel(by the pedals) and the biggest sprocket(by the rear wheel).

Is gear 1 a low gear on a bike?


Does paintball gear and dirt bike gear protect the same amount?

no dirt bike gear is just a helmet and jacket, but paintball gear is a helmet a paintball gun and padding

What is the difference between red crab gear and blue crab gear?

They're spelled differently.

When was Mountain Gear - retailer - created?

Mountain Gear - retailer - was created in 1983.

When was Top Gear Hyper Bike created?

Top Gear Hyper Bike was created on 2000-03-07.

What is the difference between gear box cover and gear box?

The actual gear box is the area off gears.....and the gear box cover .....covers that area

Difference between helical gear and bevel gear?

A bevel gear provides torque and rotation at 90 degrees, and a helical gear provides it at 180 degrees.

How to get to stark mountain?

Get your bike where the rock is in your way ( actually a ramp ) back up a little bit and go but make sure that the gear is where the bike moves fast. Keep doing that until you get in stark Mt.

What is a difference between gear oil and the motor oil?

Gear oil is normally a much heavier oil.

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