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Fast pitch and Baseball are the same. A softball glove is different.

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Q: What is the difference between a fast-pitch first base mitt and a baseball first base glove?
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If pitch hits ground in fastpitch baseball then hits the batter does he go to first?

Yes, unless he swings at it.

What is the diffrence between softball and baseball?

Well, for starters, softball uses a larger ball. You are also not allowed to "steal" bases in slowpitch-softball, but you can in fastpitch softball. Baseball pitchers throw overhand while all softball pitchers pitch underhand. Softball bats' barrels are also slightly larger. The first base in softball is a double-base so the first basemen and the batter don't interfere with each other whereas in baseball there is only a single base. The balls used in baseball, slowpitch and fastpitch are all different. Baseball uses the smallest ball, slowpitch uses 11" balls and fastpitch uses 12" balls.

Is a batter out if he is walked and goes past first base and is tagged returning to first base?

no i dont know about in baseball, but in fastpitch softball... the batter would be out

What do you do when you get hit by a fastpitch softball?

Go to first base.

How was the name fastpitch invented?

The name fastpitch was first brought up by how their arm circulated in speed. The movement from distance to the given object is determined by calculating the volocity of movement from one given object to the next. And in baseball the given objects would be the pitchers hand and the baseball bat at specific heights and speeds.

What is the distance in fastpitch softball from home plate to first?

60 feet

Which gender started softball?

Men started softball. It first started as an indoor baseball league. After years it slowly progressed into women's softball, then women's fastpitch softball

What is the difference between a baseball glove and a baseball mitt?

There are three types of gloves: a catcher's MITT, a first-baseman's MITT, and a fielder's GLOVE. That's the only difference. It just has to do with what position you play.

What is the difference between a softball and baseball field?

A baseball field is larger and it has a pitching mound. A softball field has an extended first base to protect the fielder and runner.

Difference between first class and first class ac in railways?

No much difference between first class and first class ac. Only AC is the difference. First class does not have AC.

Difference between first and second shifting theorem?

Difference between first shifting and second shifting theorem

What is a good time from home to first in fastpitch softball?

Under 3 seconds is a good time.

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