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a center shafted putter is when the the end of the shaft connects to the middle part of the top of the head of the putter, a heel shafted is when the end of the shaft id connected to the top part of the heel (closest part of the head to your feet when you set up) of the head

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The names pretty much answer the question. A center-shafted putter looks like a T, with the handle fastened to the center of the putting head. A heel-shafted putter looks like an L.

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Q: What is the difference between a center-shafted putter and a heel-shafted putter?
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Difference between a unisex putter and male putter?

as long as a putter has the right length of shaft for your body and you like putting with it, there is no difference; and if there is a difference still choose the one you putt best with no matter how it is labeled or what color it is. I don't think there are putters made just for men, a woman could like using any putter a man uses and vice verse.

What is the difference between a putter and driver?

A putter is a golf club that is used for very short length putts such as 10 feet or less and are on level or flat ground on the green near the hole. A driver is used for very long distances.

What is the difference between an iron and a putter?

A putter is simply used to roll the ball into or towards the hole. It is 33''-35'' with 4 degrees of loft. An iron has between 18 and 64 degrees loft and can range from 35-40 inches. The heads of irons are a lot bigger and have grooves for spin.

What is a method putter?

A method putter is a putter that Nike named. The Nike Method is Nike's best putter and actually isn't bad. I tried it out and it is definitely worth the money.

What is the difference between a centered-shafted putter and a heel-shafted putter and which is better or improve putting?

In profile a centre shaft looks like an upsidedown capital T the heel shaft looks like aright way up L . the second part of your question,stay away from it.Golfers have shed blood for many years over it.

What is a sentence for putter?

His putter and driver are missing from his golf bag.He tapped the ball gently with his putter and it went into the hole.

What is value of a Ping Putter Scottsdale B68?

It is worth between $1500 - $2000 depending on the condition.

Where do you get a Caddyshack Putter?

Click on the 'Caddyshack Putter' link on this page to go to the official Caddyshack Putter website and learn more of its availability.

What did a putter do in the Industrial Revolution?

You need to explain what you mean by the word 'putter'?

What did Bobby Locke call his putter?

Answercalamity janeBobby Locke called his putter "the payoff club" Bobby Jones' putter was Calamity Jane

How do you find the best putter for you?

The best way to find the correct putter is to talk to a professional putter maker. They will be able to measure the exact height and putter head balance weight to match your swing perfectly. Answer from,

Who makes the best putter?

When choosing a putter its personal preference. here are a list of top quality putters: Scotty Cameron Studio Style Putter, Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball, Odyssey DFX 2- Ball Blade, Ping G2i Craz-E Putter,Callaway I Trax Putter, and Taylor Made Rossa CGB Putter.